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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by ed who?, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. ed who?

    ed who? the opposite of eharmony.

    Some (bocarp) know I'm about the biggest ZX-7RR nut in the country (maybe world) I have a 1996 ZX-7RR with some NICE parts...

    -Suter Magnensium Dry clutch setup
    -Ex Factory Kit engine, 14.8:1, long rod, single ring pistons, ULTRA close ratio box (over 120mph in 1st), mechanical oil pump, total loss, etc, etc (almost 160rwhp with 205/16.5" slick!)
    -Kit Carbon Intake/Airbox
    -Kit Cable Clutch Conversion
    -Rare Akrapovic "Dual" Exhaust system (dual 2 into 1 siamese exhaust!)
    -Ex BSB Chris Walker Subframe
    now to add
    -Kit Dual Stacked Radiator (currently i do have a MB HUGE rad for it)
    -Kit Billet Shock Linkage
    -One off Hand welded swingarm!
    -One off FACTORY frame!

    Plus i have some non RR parts

    -Ohlins Superbike Forks-02
    -Brembo Monoblocs
    -Marchesini 16.5" YZR kit wheels
    -Brembo 320 narrow band kit rotors
    -Attack Rearsets, Triple clamps
    -Stack Tach
    -etc, etc.

    Today after YEARS of looking it finally came in! My REAL EX FACTORY RACE FRAME and Swingarm!!! (huge thanks to my buddy mark!!) It took FOREVER with shipping by boat and dont even ask me about customs! :mad:

    Here she is in all her Ex World Superbike glory...We are going to strip down bike and start from groud up, every single axle, pivot bolt, motor mount, fastner, etc will be titanium. Might take me another few years with current work load, but who cares. We all have our dream bike..this one is mine. Enjoy the pics i hope.









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  2. ed who?

    ed who? the opposite of eharmony.

    Ignore bench, its a MESS, since sitting for over 2 years waiting for this stuff!



    Plus here is the video of it last year (old World Superbike EVO Akra with 3" collector!) when we were just running it for fun..its kinda just put together here..sorry not pretty.


  3. jimmyboost

    jimmyboost one buck a boom

    Very cool! Can't wait to see the finished project.
  4. 56cbr600rr

    56cbr600rr Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas for Sure!!!

    Nice, that swingarm is SWEET.
  5. bafflebrain

    bafflebrain Well-Known Member

    Very cool project Eric.
  6. Tillerpilot

    Tillerpilot Well-Known Member

    Very nice, it's always nice to start the year on a positive.

    Can you post a full size view of your avatar? It looks like a Jim Giganticus, but I do not remember that one.
  7. 50Joe

    50Joe Registered User

    That's is cool, but are ya gonna race it????
  8. ed who?

    ed who? the opposite of eharmony.

    HUH? My avatar is my Fiance with the 07 R6 FX street bike we built for 2wt mag/customer. Taken by MJK Photography and in our 2008 EDR Performance calendar.
  9. ed who?

    ed who? the opposite of eharmony.

    LOL...no way! one, im WAY better tuner than racer...i do trackdays, but in may 05, this bike bite me HARD (my fault, cold tires, ham fist)...honestly i cant becuase im always helping 50+ racers so just gonna build it up and put in living room...well the "avatar" might not let me..lol
  10. hardcharger29

    hardcharger29 Well-Known Member

    that is one of the coolest builds i've seen. very nice man, i love the dedication.
  11. ed who?

    ed who? the opposite of eharmony.

    thanks! nice site you got too...i see your featured bike is one we built for customer Dave. :up:
  12. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    That swingarm alone is a work of racing art.
    Sweet exhaust note, even on cheap computer speakers.
  13. GypsyRacing

    GypsyRacing V7 Gypsy


  14. chung

    chung Well-Known Member


    keep us posted
  15. chung

    chung Well-Known Member

    bump for any new updates?
  16. bcc

    bcc painter /fabricator


    that would be my ultimate dream build

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