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    92495FA9-46C7-4E97-969C-8DF28658B870.jpeg 88EC0EA7-0B43-42C8-93E9-0D5058BCACF0.jpeg EC1D47BD-0B03-4F4A-8800-BF0C6A2D6831.jpeg

    The time has finally come to part with the best race bike I’ve owned so far. I can’t express how much fun this is to ride. It took some trouble shooting initially, but I can honestly say that all of the common issues with the FZ07 have been worked through on this bike. If you want a solid bike that’s ready for the 2020 MotoAmerica season or a very competitive LW club bike then look no further.

    2015 Yamaha FZ-07

    Clean title

    R6 front end with Ohlins carts

    Galfer wave rotors, brake pads, and lines

    Kawi steering dampner with fork mount

    Yoshimura full exhaust

    R6 rear wheel conversion

    Woodcraft rearsets and case covers

    K-tech Razor shock with link

    FT-ECU with quickshifter and bike side harness

    Yoyodyne slipper clutch

    MA SBK engine (pistons, camshafts, headwork CNC intake and exhaust ports, surface head, replace valve guides, valves, gaskets, seals, bearings, re-plated cylinders)

    Transmission 5th gear backcut and micro finish all gears and shafts

    I have 2 sets of plastics as seen in the pics, so the buyer can choose either. The black and red have been crashed once but were fully repaired structurally and only have some scrapes on one side (seen in first pic). The blue plastics have never been damaged.

    Only asking $11,500 OBO

    I have some small spares that will be included with the bike. If you’d like both sets of plastics and some spare wheels we can work on a package deal for that as well.
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    Have you ever weighed it? Curious what the wet weight is.
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    Unfortunately I have not but I have seen similar bikes weighed come in around 315lbs.
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    Pending sale!
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