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Discussion in 'Wanted to buy or trade' started by Deery888, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    Looking for a reasonably priced Superbike tail for my sv650 (1st gen) not really worried about what bike it’s for, I’ll be able to fab it up to make most fit... zx6r, gsxr, sv, 675, Ducati... just needs to be large enough to fit a number plate on each side not just one plate On the top of the tail (personal preference). I can buy one or I can also trade for my 2nd gen sv Supersport tail (used with stock seat).
  2. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    This is the tail I can trade

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  3. wolfie109

    wolfie109 Well-Known Member

    I have a brand new Hotbodies tail I believe was for a 2003 or 4 GSXR. Is $75.00 plus shipping from NJ reasonably priced.
  4. SBKBee

    SBKBee Owner: FZ hotel

    I have a first gen SV SBKtail. Kinda scruffy. $15+ ship would make me happy. Im in VA.
  5. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    I found one already. Thanks though. I’ll keep it in mind in case I destroy this one at some point ha
  6. Ryan nickles

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