WTB: Akrapovic Evolution Line(Carbon) Part# S-H10RFT5TL-HWC for 2006-2007 Honda CBR 1000RR

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    WTB: Akrapovic Evolution full exhaust Titanium headers/piping with Carbon muffler part# S-H10RFT5TL-HWC for 2006-2007 Honda CBR 1000RR. Please email me at roselio7@aol.com if you're looking to sell. 67793274edeb45a5bbaa041d128868d6.png 3947bceed59147b599d11f102204f5b8.png
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    No one??
  3. Rx794

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    I'm still looking if anyone has this available.
  4. Rx794

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    Still looking...
  5. Rx794

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    Still looking...
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    16204C44-EE94-430D-AB62-186CF3CD7CDB.jpeg Hi just sent you a email with the only one left in the world .
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    Hey Steve, thanks so much for trying to help me out, but this isn't the exhaust I'm looking for. This is the old style Titanium one, I'm in need of the newer Carbon Fiber version.

    There are two different types of the Akrapovic full exhaust systems for the SC57 Fireblade (2004-2005) and (2006-2007). Each with 2 different types mufflers for each one. You can't interchange parts between the old version(2004-2005) vs new version(2006-2007) of the full exhausts due to differences between them.

    The major differences between the old(2004-2005) vs newer(2006-2007) versions of the exhausts are:
    The shape of the mufflers(round(old) vs oval/hex(new).
    The link pipe is different with old one not having a welded provision for a bracket and the newer one having a welded provision for a bracket.
    There are also slight differences in the design and bends of the headers, link pipe, etc.

    Part#'s are as follows:
    Old version w/Carbon Fiber muffler: 102687 (S-H10RFT4TL-TC)
    Old version w/Titanium muffler: 102688 (S-H10RFT4TL-TT)
    Newer version w/Titanium muffler: S-H10RFT5TL-HWT
    Newer version w/Carbon Fiber muffler: S-H10RFT5TL-HWC <----- THIS IS THE ONE I'M LOOKING FOR.

    Below I uploaded both the old and new exhaust diagrams from Akrapovic that contain the part#'s mentioned:

    OLD version(2004-2005) of exhaust diagram from Akrapovic:
    Akrapovic OLD STYLE 4MP.jpg

    NEWER(2006-2007) version of exhaust diagram from Akrapovic:

    Akrapovic NEW STYLE 4MP.jpg
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    Still looking.....

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