WTB Adjustable Rearsets for a 1st Gen SV650

Discussion in 'Wanted to buy or trade' started by ROSSIFAN, Feb 23, 2016.


    ROSSIFAN Active Member

    Looking for some decent used rearsets for my 1st Gen SV650.
  2. D-Swens

    D-Swens sniffin paint fumes

    If that is the Gen of SV that corresponds with '00 - '03 GSXR's I have a TON of the early vortex fixed position rearsets. They are back and up like 2" vs OEM rearsets. I'll make you the deal of the century with tons of spares, and I'll throw in 75% of a set of Gilles adjustable rearsets, and whatever other spares I had. Just confirm if it was Gen 1 or Gen 2 SV's that had the same rearsets of those year GSXRs...
  3. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    I'm not sure about the 00-03 but the 1G sv is interchangeable with the SRAD era GSXR's

    ROSSIFAN Active Member

    I think the SRAD Era bikes are the ones that are compatible as well. I'll do some more research.

    ROSSIFAN Active Member


    ROSSIFAN Active Member

    What do you want for them? May be worth making some adapter plates.
  7. D-Swens

    D-Swens sniffin paint fumes

    shit... I have an entire drawer full of rearsets for those years, I'd go $100 on the whole lot. Prob 3 vortex mount brackets for each side, several pegs and shifters, almost an entire set of Gilles rearsets for each side (one minor part is missing and I can't remember what it is, like a peg or a bearing or something), a complete graves rearset, a woodcraft shifter... bunch of stuff. I'll try to take a pic tomorrow

    ROSSIFAN Active Member

    Definitely interested. When you get a chance please send pics. Meanwhile, I'll research.
  9. Moto234

    Moto234 "Momentum is Your Only Friend"

    I have some MB Motorsports ones for a SV650 Gen 1. I used them for years and worked well for me. $200 Shipped. I actually have a second set for spares too. If you care to look at other Gen 1 items in a complete part out take a look at my site. http://moto234.com/?page_id=62

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  10. mikelg

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    I'll take that lot if someone hasn't beat me to it.

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