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    What org are you racing with? I've never seen a racing org so far that does not require a full race belly pan that can hold at least a liter of oil or more. I'm pretty certain no stock "belly pan", aka lower side fairings, is allowed in racing for any typical sport bike. I would you do yourself a favor and buy a set of race fairings. For about $150 savings....it's not worth it. I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually race with a bike that had stock fairings on.

    I also know of a guy who had a set of chinese street fairings on his zx6r, with headlights and tail lights removed and when he took it out on track, the front fairing snapped because of all the air drag going through the headlight holes and a piece of it jammed between his brake lever and hand grip and at the end of the straightaway he couldn't brake anymore because the lever was stuck and crashed in the gravel. Save a 100 bucks now....pay a few thousand later.
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    You can secure a turkey pan in the stock fairings and race. Vintage guys do it all the time
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    Wow that's crazy that the Chinese plastics caused a guy to crash like that. I was just putting it out there as an option. I only saw one guy with street fairings at the fmrra event that's all.
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    Anyone have any rear sets
  5. ghetto customs

    ghetto customs Who's that Parrish guy?

    Jesse Norton
    Norton Fab


    He's got everything you need and tons of info
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    Very true! He's extremely open and willing to share his knowledge with anyone!

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