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Discussion in 'General' started by koth442, Jul 30, 2022.

  1. koth442

    koth442 Well-Known Member

    We know Rea & Kawi are staying together. Is Alex keeping his seat?

    Stoprak Razzledazzle and Yami have another year together.

    Has Locatelli re-signed? I can't imagine Yamaha lets him go, but he could get poached by Ducati who is looking for someone to take the torch from Bautista. I've heard they'd prefer Italian. Axel Bassani would be a good fit there too.

    I hope GG keeps his seat but I have a sinking feeling he doesn't. I'll be pissed at Yamaha if Nozane keeps his seat but GG doesn't.

    Who will be at BMW alongside SR45?
  2. Busdriver02

    Busdriver02 Well-Known Member

    If GRT lets Gerloff go, he'll get another ride. I'd guess BMW.
  3. prospected

    prospected Well-Known Member

    VDM, Locatelli, and Lowes are re-signed for next year. That leaves 1 spot at HRC & Ducati, and 2 at GRT Yam. Satellite Duc squad is unknown.
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  4. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    GG to a Ducati.
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  5. koth442

    koth442 Well-Known Member

    I've heard the BMW from someone with a personal connection to SR45. Makes me think there's something to it??
  6. Busdriver02

    Busdriver02 Well-Known Member

    I read that too. I had the thought last round when one of the announcers mentioned multiple teams being interested. A quick perusal of standings shows BMW has some potential holes. Now Laverty is retiring.
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  7. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Has the BMW won a race yet? Maybe in BSB?
  8. koth442

    koth442 Well-Known Member

    If GG makes the switch, I hope it ends up being a step up for him!

    No idea if it's won in BSB. Only 2 podiums in WSBK with Redding on board.
  9. evomach

    evomach Well-Known Member

    Van der Mark won
  10. koth442

    koth442 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, I kind of remember that now. Superpole race in the rain or something like that?
  11. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    He stays put. Teammates with Aegerter (most likely) unless Balda beats him to the championship and throws uncertainty back into the situation. Nozano out unless some major development at Suzuka.
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  12. prm

    prm Well-Known Member

    Part of me likes the thought of GG staying on the YZF, its a good bike, but I have reservations that he can make the mental leap to get back to racing while staying there.
  13. ljuice26

    ljuice26 Well-Known Member

    Nah, we good over here.
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  14. koth442

    koth442 Well-Known Member

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  15. prm

    prm Well-Known Member

    Given recent performances by Redding, I’d say that may be a good option. The only potentially available factory bikes would be Yamaha, Honda, and BMW. The Bimmer may be the best choice for GG.
  16. tgold

    tgold Well-Known Member

    Bimmer is a car. Beemer is a bike. ;)
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  17. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    Can’t translate on my phone. Who would be replace?
  18. noles19

    noles19 Well-Known Member

    He'd be team mates with baz
    And a couple of names to replace gerloff one mentioned was gagne.
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  19. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    It’s a factory ride (sorta) but the BMW hasn’t proved itself on a national series much less on the world stage.

    it seems to be a non factor except to make a few bucks.
  20. noles19

    noles19 Well-Known Member

    It's better than coming back to motoamerica
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