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    Where to start.........

    Saturday morning we arrive at the track and are garaged in the same stalls as always, Garage 10 trackside....we unload and take our time as the weather was a bit wet so going out on a cold wet track can be a recipe for disaster!

    Sean and Casey hit the 2nd session and I waiting until it was a bit nicer on session 3. There were quite a few racers missing this weekend due to several other outside influences....Road Atlanta was having a big race, Barber as well and the weather outside with our friend GUSTOV was probably the biggest factor. This would actually make for a great practice day as the numbers were so low. It did indeed!

    After the lunch break Sean and Casey were getting their times down into the low 1:37's and eventually into the 1:35's......way to go men!!! I on the other hand could not break into the illusive sub-1:40 mark to save my soul...deciding it must be due to the lack of fresh rubber. I decided to take session 6 and re-skin my wheels and scrub the new shoes in on session 7 but the rains came again and the day was done.

    Arriving home on Saturday night we waiting up to see the evening news about the weather situation....turns out GUSTOV is getting nasty and we were going to be getting some pretty serious feeder bands over SoFla so Sunday might not be so great....time will tell.

    We woke to no rain but that all change once we his Homestead. The skies opened up and we were soaked within minutes of our arrival!! Damn!! My prayers to the rain Gods must not have been received!!!

    Because of the rains as well as the low attendance, there was some combining of races. 1 and 2, 4 and 5, 8 and 9 were all combined into three races instead of six. It was we throughout race 7 and wanting to dry by 8-9 but still we enough to use rains which Sean was wise enough to have available.

    Here are the outcomes.....

    Race 4-5, Ex/Am GTU....Sean was the only one who went out because of the rain and he took a respectable 4th place.

    Race 8-9 Ex/Am MW SS....Sean went out on the rain tires and SMOKED the competition taking his first ever 1st place Podium!!!! Whoo Hoo!! Go Sean!!!! Casey did not race in this as race as not having rain tires available might have caused another crash and that is NOT what he was looking for...Better to be safe, save the bike and race again another day.

    Race 13 F-40...I went out on a fresh set of DOT's and was able to pull out 7th place. The track was still waaaaayyyy wet and I also do not have a set of rains to put on my bike so DOT's it was!! I kept the bike up and finished the race but the guys on the rain tires were just too fast to beat.

    Race 15 MW Unlimited Super Bike - Sean gave another stellar performance and placed 2nd!!

    Race 18 MW GP - Sean also took 2nd in this race and had there been another lap, he would have taken 1st as he was riding like there was no tomorrow and kicking some serious ass at Homestead.

    Other notables.....Skipper took 1st place in all three of his races, as expected. The man is sick fast and there are very few people out there who can compete. I can hardly way for him to go Expert where he can start riding with people at his own level. I see no more than another year of Gus before the AMA will invite him to move up!!! Way o go Gus!!!!

    Lars Renson EX#86 has a crash in the shootout along with Marco Martinez EX#25 and Brad Graham EX#881 so that race actually only had 8 riders in it!!!

    Greg Richards EX#613 went down pretty badly also and had to be airlifted out. I heard from Henry DeGouw that his condition was stable and he was taken out by Trauma Hawk as a precaution since he was blacked out until the ambulance arrived. There was some numbness in his body but I believe everything else was intact. Please send prayers and positive thoughts his way for a speedy recovery!!!

    There has been a complete turn around at Henry's CCS events. Because of the Red-Flag chaos last race, many corner worked have been replaced. One of the CCS higher-ups, Eric Kelcher, Director of Competition, was here from the home office and there is a new race director, Steve Service...... Some of you might know or remember Steve as he was CCS racer some years ago and was in a pretty simple turn-6 accident at homestead (2004) which left him paralyzed due to a broken neck. What great guy he was to talk with this weekend!

    Bottom line...A great weekend all in all. No crashes for us, Sean's entire family was there to see his first ever win and everyone in our team came home unscathed.

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