Won my first race at Big Willow :)

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by kennoy, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, C'mon out and play at the big track. Hey Is your avatar picture taken in turn 3 at the Streets of Willow? LOL
  2. SAEID


    Yes sir... HAHA!!!

    Hey, I'll be at the big track on the 13th with Track Dayz... If you'll be there, make sure to say hi...
  3. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Streets is a fun track. My best time there is 1:21.7 I won't be at the big track on Friday, need to work. I'll be out there on Sat. for practice though. I just put Ohlins forks on my bike and need to set them up. I have to work on Fri. I need the practice. I've only been on that track 4 times.
  4. SAEID


    I've never timed myself at streets, but I LOVE that track with a passion.
  5. wsmc834@hotmail

    wsmc834@hotmail mikee martin

    congrats on the 1st in open novice. you were racing against my buddie mike frederick. he finished 4th. we will be back in 2 weeks.

    hello quigly. im looking forward to part 2 in f1 this month!!!
  6. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

  7. glenndavis06

    glenndavis06 Member

    congrats to you
  8. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, next race is Mar 14 and 15
  9. omnivore

    omnivore Well-Known Member

    Congrats. geart to read a story like this.
    I am 35, been riding for 26 yrs, and am just starting my 1st season of racing in May.
    I was thinking I am nuts, but you are doing it...AND WINNING!!!
    Awesome. You inspire guys like me.
  10. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Won my 2nd race too yesterday.....By .003 of a second. Didn't race Feb. Weather was supposed to be 48 degrees. You can see the on board video on you tube. Search for "kennoy1654" and click on "my 2nd race on my GSXR" I also dropped my time down a bit to a 1:29.3. Next race is April 18-19 with WSMC and the following weekend, I'll be at LVMS racing with WERA. First race with WERA.
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  11. racerfranz

    racerfranz All done

    Damyum! 29's in your first novice race!! outstanding! took me 10 years to get to those kinda times, (on a 250 though) good luck to you!! Say hi to my old track for me!
  12. SAEID


    Great stuff brutha!!! I'm actually thinking of doing the NRS on the 19th... Maybe I'll see you there and we can trade paint:beer:

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