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  1. pjzocc

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    Okay, I've read the rulebook again, and I want to make sure I've got the classes figured out, and which class(es) I can run my bike in.

    2004 GSXR600
    -full exhaust
    -Racetech springs/Elka rear
    -double bubble screen

    The only thing that keeps me out of SS is the double bubble, yes? So if I replace it with a stock screen, I can qualify for SS and SB, correct? Theoretically, I could race:
    "A" SS/SB
    "B" SS/SB
    "C" SS/SB

    What qualifies as F1? (Looking at the rb, all it says is "unlimited displacement machinery") Basically a "run what you brung" class?

    I don't think I would race in "A" classes (don't want to be a road hazard vs. 1000s), but I wouldn't be out of place in both SS and SB, would I? Or should I pick one and stick with it?

    (Thanks for this forum BTW... makes asking these newbie questions much easier!)
  2. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    you are correct in the classes you listed, you can runForm 1 also you have Senior SB if you are over 40.
  3. smgosnel

    smgosnel Active Member

    Can aftermarket front rotors be used in superstock? All wera handbook says:

    l) Steel braided or Kevlar brake lines may be used. Brake pads may be changed. Rear rotors may be modified however must still remain functional.
  4. metricdevilmoto

    metricdevilmoto Just forking around

    If it doesn't say you can change it, you can't.
  5. :stupid:

    No, you cannot run aftermarket rotors in SS.
  6. OP, you will be fine in the A-Classes. I have ran a 600-type bike in the A-Classes many times. As a Novice, you will not be a "road hazard".

    It is amazing how a lil more corner speed gives the illusion of 20 extra HP coming onto the straightaway.

    Lap times are lap times. Even at the World level, the 600's aren't that far behind the 1000's...and those are guys who can get every last bit out of the 1000's. You will not be racing against guys who can maximize their 1000's.

    You will also be fine in the SB classes. Rarely is there a true Superbike out there. Most of the guys in SS will also be in SB and the ones that aren't, simply don't want to change their windscreen, or want to run a Brembo MC etc.
  7. Sdough675

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    What classes would a Daytona 675 with full exhaust, power commander and K&N be in with WERA and CCS? Going racing this year and contemplating buying a twin to run more classes.
  8. pjzocc

    pjzocc Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Guess I should order up a new windscreen...
  9. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    Very well stated.

    You can run the A/B/C classes like the other 600's but you can run Heavy Twins as well....Maybe only the HWT Super Bike though... There are special notations regarding the 675 in the rules.
  10. I race a 675 also (that is it in my avatar).

    A 675 is one of (if not THE) most versatile bike you can buy (along with an 848).

    A, B, C and HW-Twins (SS and SB as long as your 675 is SS-legal).

    MW classes, GTU, HW classes, GTO, Unlimted classes.

    Mine is no longer SS legal, so i will be racing it in C-SB, B-SB and HWT-SB with WERA and i am going to do the MW-SB, MW-GP and GTU with CCS.
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  11. MHR-Speedy

    MHR-Speedy Well-Known Member

    OK my turn...

    Just bought a pretty much stock 1st Gen SV for the 2011 race season. I know I can run LWT SS and SB, what else is there?

  12. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    Maybe F2....Heavy Weight Twin SS? Not real sure....

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