what's the thing that held ya back but you still kept moving forward?

Discussion in 'General' started by long path/road, Jan 27, 2022.

  1. cha0s#242

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    My ex. Not in racing, but in life in general.
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    I'm pretty much the same way... I've spent my entire adult life constructing bubbles that allow me to do what I want, when I want, where I want, and yet be protected from outside BS that I have no control over. I figure the bubble approach does about as much as I can do to insulate myself from that BS.

    I like the bubble approach. Its been quite effective :)
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    I always tell my Dad- in everyday life, if something bad is going to happen, it will happen regardless. Worrying about it won't change wether it happens or not. The stock market, interest rates, earthquakes, whatever.

    Now, when it comes to racing or flying, or any other highly technical pursuit, that's different. You worry too much, you tend to lose focus and that leads to mistakes or bad outcomes.
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  4. Sudowoodo

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    The combination of unnecessary debt with a not very substantial income in my late teens and early twenties prevented me from pursuing any real interests. I peaked at a $1k truck payment and an embarrassing amount of CC debt before realizing how fucking stupid debt is. I sold everything and paid it all off last year. All I have left is my mortgage so now I can go to all the motorcycle events that my body can handle. Plus this is the least stressed I've ever been in my life.
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    There is a lot to unpack with the OP's question, as well as many of the responses in this thread. Great stuff and I applaud the topic! A few thoughts:

    - At some point, we all hit a plateau. In fact, we spend most of out time in the plateau stage. The struggle in this stage is where the value is! Recognizing what is holding you back and forming a plan to move past it.
    - Not being able to move past plateaus simply comes from not having a process to put your plan into play. Not having proper fundamentals to refer to, not having objective feedback, not setting goals, not having something/somebody to hold you accountable.
    - Embrace your emotions, but don't let your emotions be your techniques. Emotions are incredibly important, as they organically place the order of what means the most to you. Use those emotions as a guide to your techniques. (This is incredibly important to recognize that many the off the bike issues, are the biggest issues - time, money, relationships, etc)
    - Fundamentals are looped. Meaning, as when one fundamental improves, another lags behind. Embracing this statement is what keeps your progress moving forward.
    - Not meeting your goals? 2 options - 1) Change what you are doing. 2) Change your goal

    Summed up, It's a simple as, you're going to have bad sessions, bad days or bad stretches, it's part of growth. To move past it involves recognizing what is holding you back via a feedback loop and a process built from the fundamentals to move you forward.

    Personally, what keeps me going in this sport? The process of improvement. Understanding and later creating fundamentals for our sport, which then allow processes to be built and being able to communicate those to others, to enable their improvement.

  6. long path/road

    long path/road let's think about this!..??

    have to say that was deep..and very moving...made me think of how things started and why I'm looking for input to even try and make a go at alot of it . for lack of words. the support I had yrs ago..dust yourself off get back on the horse will never leave! parents were a huge part. my dad spent many nights in a machine shop to build mill heads/cylinders help with a setup..always told me if you want to do it bad enough! you'll figure it out!

    will say I did shut down after my last get off on a dirt bike.

    I feel like I'm still lucky enough..after broken bones etc...!never gonna win a championship but still can have fun..most of my best days on any track was just having fun and wasn't a 2nd/3rd job between tire changes gearing etc..every night in the garage getting ready for the next round about..

    goal has changed I just want to have fun...passion has never will change!!
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