!!!wera//ahrma Joint Deal Approve For Pre-daytona!!!!

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by krypton7, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. krypton7

    krypton7 Well-Known Member

    AHRMA's Board of Trustees approved an agreement to run a joint race venue at North Florida Motorsports Park. The details are not know exactly but it will be something like this:

    Day One: Wednesday- track practice for all participants
    Day Two: WERA run race day with AHRMA participants invited
    Day Three: AHRMA run race day with WERA participants invited

    And where are those doubters now? Listen up racers! This is going to be a big deal with big grids and big noise and big buddys having a big time good competing with each other
  2. YAM#849

    YAM#849 y'all watch this...

    Wow, that's great news, Stu. That's gonna be a huge event!
  3. BSA43

    BSA43 Well-Known Member

    HOT DAM!!!!

    Anything would be better than that F***ing airport course AHRMA has been using.
  4. RZ Racer

    RZ Racer It passed tech LAST time!

    Awesome!!!! Lets kick some butt!
  5. GrantMLS

    GrantMLS Well-Known Member

    now dats gonna be fun!
  6. YamahaRick

    YamahaRick Yamaha Two Stroke Czar

    Darn, I should have copyrighted that schedule idea. :)


  7. WERA33

    WERA33 Well-Known Member

    where do i get the pre-entry forms?:)
  8. AHRMA872

    AHRMA872 Well-Known Member

    Absolutely Awsome News!

    This is fantastic! Best news on the Vintage scene in a while.

    It should be quite an event. Hell the trash talking is going to go through the roof!

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  9. WERA33

    WERA33 Well-Known Member

    Re: Absolutely Awsome News!

    but there is a difference between trash talking and the plain hard truth. if you can make it to VIR this weekend ill be more than happy to show you.:)
  10. triumphman

    triumphman Well-Known Member

    Scott, I have to tell you ,I was impressed with the little taco on sat.You are making big steps forward.I hope this tread is true, that would be one big step for vintage racing and a real short drive for me.:) TIM JOYCE
  11. Diesel

    Diesel Well-Known Member

    In shock that we members were heard! :)
  12. YAM#849

    YAM#849 y'all watch this...

    Hey Tim, it's actually a longer drive for me than Roebling or Deland, but I don't mind. This is gonna be a great thing. Looking back, when I have run Deland it has been consistently my worst finish of the year, and I think it's mostly because I refuse to crash in a pothole 3 days before Daytona.
  13. krypton7

    krypton7 Well-Known Member

    So the next battle is who gets gridded and where?
    I assume that AHRMA will grid according to its member's finish the previous season and by who pre-registers. So that leaves WERA members to be gridded as they sign up at the track. Now there's an automatic excuse for you: ' Aw shucks, man- I was gridded on the 12th row and got stuck behind some ole guys going into turn one'. Of course on the other hand, you can pass 36 bikes before lap one is over. But, Hey!, at least you're on the grid so there shouldn't be any belly aching.
    And how does WERA grid everyone?
  14. Diesel

    Diesel Well-Known Member

    I believe it will be pretty much the same way.
  15. YAM#849

    YAM#849 y'all watch this...

    big grids !?

    Because of the joint effort, some of these grids could get really big. For example, the WERA 250 GP race could include its regular WERA riders, plus AHRMA 250 GP, plus AHRMA 200 GP. Likewise, AHRMA's Formula Vintage, usually a large class anyway, could draw entries from a number of WERA classes. ( Haven't read up on this, but I think many V3, V4 and F500 bikes could bump into that one)
    This could be really good for the sport- much better than the trend of one or two row grids that has hit both organizations this past summer. If this takes off and does well, maybe NFMP will be able to justify a few grandstands and other spectator-friendly additions.
  16. GrantMLS

    GrantMLS Well-Known Member

    that would be sweet.. F500 should be really fun with both together.
  17. AHRMA872

    AHRMA872 Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Absolutely Awsome News!

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  18. krypton7

    krypton7 Well-Known Member

    This is all speculation. There is only a rumor that WERA and AHRMA will have a joint meet. No one has actually said its a done deal BUT silence says a lot......wish I had a real Watergate type 'Deep Throat' to actually confirm this event. Can anyone ask Mark Mitchell or David Lamberth to get a confirmation? But assuming this is true, this will probably be fourth to the GNF Vintage races, Daytona and Mid-Ohio. Sorry if I jumped the gun.........anyone who can get some CONCRETE info.......sign in here and let us know. However, I'm confident this will come to fruition but nothing official has happened yet
  19. WERA33

    WERA33 Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Re: Absolutely Awsome News!


    :D :p :D :p

    get that yammie fixed yet bob?
  20. YAM#849

    YAM#849 y'all watch this...

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Absolutely Awsome News!

    You better watch out. He doesn't have to run those little 22mm carbs in 250 class... :eek:

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