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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by crashman, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. crashman

    crashman Getting slower every day

    Guys, I am trying to build a midpipe for my old GSXR as there is really nothing out there any more. I just want to tack the pieces of pipe together on the bike to make sure everything is in the correct spot and then remove the pipe to weld everything up. I have removed the CDI but is there anything else electronic that I need to worry about damaging?
  2. Spang308

    Spang308 Well-Known Member

    Disconnect the grounds and you should be fine.
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  3. crashman

    crashman Getting slower every day

    OK. Cool. Thanks. I have all of the wiring off so no grounds anywhere. :D
  4. pscook

    pscook Well-Known Member

    Welder ground as close as possible to the welding area (sounds obvious, but...). Don't ground to the frame and weld on the pipe with the engine as a conductor, basically.
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  5. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    This, make sure you hook your ground to the pipe.
  6. crashman

    crashman Getting slower every day

    Thanks guys. That was what I thought but was concerned there may be some funky feedback loop that could fry stuff.
  7. mattology

    mattology Well-Known Member

    I would not weld AC with electronics connected, but DC i have welded plenty of times on cars and bikes with stuff hooked up.
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  8. zrx12man

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    You'll want to ground the circuit away from the motor to help avoid the possibility of passing welding-level amperage through bearings, cases and other components with critical dimensions and clearances. JMO.
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  9. SpeedyE

    SpeedyE Experimental prototype, never meant for production

    My 01gsxr600 frame was tig (syncrowave) welded 4 times w/ the battery removed....no electrical issues. ymmv
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  10. Britt

    Britt MotoBigots Suck

    Just an observation...the welder seeks a Ground.

    I have welded on tons of bikes..didn't remove battery cables, ECU ECM ABS...never had an issue, I also have had guys bring me bikes with all the electronics unhooked / removed.

    Hook the ground DIRECTLY to what you want to weld, make it as Direct a path to ground as possible..not thru bearings, or grounded wires, or rubber bushings with washers..if you're welding on the engine case..don't hook the ground to the frame and visa versa..also keep in mind many aluminum parts are anodized and will not conduct current unless the coating is removed..it also causes issues with contamination.
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