vmd , any body going?

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by cyclocrossfool, Jul 12, 2021.

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    What are you racing Brian?
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    Those of us traveling from the South, please be aware of Operation Southern Shield” which started yesterday and is a joint effort with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee to crack down on mainly speeding drivers but also many other offenses. We can tear it up at the track and buy parts at the swap meet with the money a ticket would cost us!!
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    Another well ran race week end. Thank you WERA! I am especially impressed that the paddock area was a good place for we racers to be. Outside of the paddock the general Mid Ohio grounds were an absolute zoo but interesting to spectate.

    I especially liked meeting vintage racers that I would not typically meet. There were some great earlier stuff like a very custom 175 rotary valve Kawasaki that was surprisingly fast down the straights and some well sorted Yamaha two strokes.
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    Yeah. It was just a little bit roudy outside of the paddock. Saw a few things and have a few videos. But what happens at VMD...

    Wish I had more free time to watch more races and hang out in the paddock. Looked like everyone had a good time though, and the weather held out when it mattered.

    Not sure who it was, but one of the more modern classes, someone had a nice save going into turn 1 from the race start on Saturday. Thought for sure they were going to be doing a bit of off-roading.
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    It really was a great event all the way around. Met some great people in paddock and the weather mostly cooperated. The Wall of Death was entertaining as was the Mad Max chaos going on in the evenings. The main lesson I learned this weekend is, anything goes but you better have a light on your bike after dark.

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