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    So I am in the starting phase of putting together a 2017 ZX 10 krt edition to race next season. Curious to see what others say I personally was thinking about going with woolich with dyno tune or the self learning woolich. I’m not against other options what do you all think?[​IMG]

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  2. Wheeliest

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    Self learning doesn't know the AFR the bike makes the most power... nor tricks of the trade to race maps for on/off throttle response etc..
  3. Dave250

    Dave250 Dave

    Yeah that’s a good point, it would have to be tuned and set up initially.

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  4. blue03R6

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    I just want you to know about the policy woolich has. if you don't flash your bike every 3 months they deactivate your account. but their stuff works great. however unlike FTECU it doesn't require internet connection to work.

    I would recommend the autotune kit. it does a fantastic job of tuning the map to reach a specific AFR you want to keep. it's an algorithm. it's not applying a 13.5 afr for example to every part of the map. they spend time developing the software to tune the map just right. it also has many settings you can control to allow the software to tune to your situation. and the O2 sensor data recording has settings to get a more accurate reading. (yes it uses a high end wideband o2 sensor) the afr logging kit is made by Zeitronix.

    The live autotune is for use on the dyno. you can watch it recording the afr and make the changes. it's pretty bad ass. if you don't have access to a dyno like most of us you can just ride it around the track an let it log the data. then download it in the pits into the software and let it make the changes to the map and flash the ecu with the new map.
    I don't have access to a dyno anymore but when I did I let the autotune tune my R1 and it made very decent improvements. probably better than most tuners know how. unless you know a wizard tuner that works with a lot of teams and knows his shit, the autotune is the next best thing.

    im not familiar with the autolearning things you speak of. they didn't have such a thing when I bought mine. or at least they don't have it for yamaha.

    the difference between the 2 kits is the standard kit just allows you to flash the ecu. if you wish to continuously make changes to the mapping then get the autotune kit.

    not sure if you have compared prices to other brands like power commander and ftecu but I think being able to flash the ecu is better so you can alter some advanced setting in the ecu power commander cant. like fan temps for one. and there are many other settings. at least on my R1 there is.
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  5. Dave250

    Dave250 Dave

    I’ve got a guy that does my tuning here locally, I plan to flash/ dyno tune the bike out right more curious as to how effective the log with the auto is

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  6. bbsteinnewyork

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    You really can't do this properly with the woolrich stuff. The reason is that the log box has no way to ignore the rider aids when it sees an error.

    In other words- let's say you shift up and the ecu does it's thing - fuel cut, ignition retard, then back to normal.

    Ok so the air fuel logged at this time is invalid and if the system does not ignore the recorded value at that time the corrections suggested will f-up your mapping. This is true durring any interventions by the rider aids.

    The only way to do this accurately is in the ecu. The system must see the strategies and invalidate errors in air fuel ratios during this period. I've never seen this done accurately with a piggyback system like the woolrich log box. (Good idea before rider aids) Ftecu is the only flash company that I am aware of that does it in the ECU. It's called active tune

    Plus all the top racers in the US use Ftecu

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  7. blue03R6

    blue03R6 Well-Known Member

    yeah, you don't have a clue what you're talking about. you guys on this forum sure are over confident in your lack of knowledge. obviously you've never even seen the woolich stuff. it is not a piggyback system. it flashes the ecu. the log box is just for logging the AFR for autotune and used for flashing communication with the ECU. you remove it when you are done. it's just plugs into a harness like a code scanner does.

    the FTECU constantly changes the tune like the stock ecu does while in closed loop mode. the woolich tune stays constant to what you want.
    and almost no one in the rest of the world uses FTECU. so, there's that.

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  8. blue03R6

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