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    ok this next year i was thinking of going novice.. I was reading the wsmc hand book and it said there is no allowed traction control devices.. wtf? does this mean i have to take off my bazzaz tc unit or is there a way that they would accept going in the software program and shutting it off completely? I dont want to have to buy another fuel controler and quck shifter..

    also i didnt see anything about for cartridges.. is that allowed?- actually i think i did so an ak-20 kit if ok right?
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  2. This is the WERA forum.
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  4. Sicilian32

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    i know but im looking at my sched and i dont think id have time to do wera.. but there are tons of knowledgable ppl here so i come back for the information :)
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    try the local site. not gonna post it out here for advertising another org but pm me and ill tell ya...
  6. This is a good place for WERA information, or generic racing information, or bike information, gear information etc.

    But for organizational specifics (rules, schedules etc) it is probably a good idea to contact that particular org.

    Just sayin'.
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    yes i know.. i was just on here so i put it out there. hey what part od africa are you in chaotic?
  8. I was in West Africa (Angola); i need to change that because im in Mexico now,
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    You would have to ask the wsmc organization.

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