Toy hauler towing experience with a 1500

Discussion in 'General' started by MVA25, Jun 15, 2019.

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    it has one adjustable outlet on the bottom of the unit- i have closed that and it results in a very minimal increase through the ductwork. i suspect it needs to be popped open from the bottom so i can see what is either blocking or if the duct was ran close enough into the air stream to pick any air up.
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    Since I had very similar needs to yours, I will throw in a few nuggets from my toyhauler experience.

    Background: Wife and I going to the track, not frequently enough to justify a 3/4 ton truck. Ended up with a 2wd 5.7 original year Tundra and a Weekend Warrior 19FK. Using a WD hitch, high-end trailer brake system and having every towing option on the Tundra (trans cooler, diff cooler, bigger radiator, etc.).

    The towing experience was okay. Frankly, towing anything that tall and wide takes some getting used to, even if your truck is more than up to the weight. Once I built up some experience and knowledge, it went fine. Had to make at least one panic stop and everything did well. I'm in flat Florida and only took brief forays into hilly/mountainous areas, so that plays into it a lot too. I think if I had to do mountains all the time, it would be a much different story.

    One thing to remember is that the wind resistance (drag) of the trailer is the biggest contributor to poor gas mileage. Empty or loaded made little difference on gas mileage. Which for me ranged from 7-10 MPG. That's on flat interstate, with the difference between 7 to 10 being wind and speed.

    As to the toyhauler itself. I wish I had bought a better one first, but in my defense, I didn't know what was "better", and was thinking along the lines you were about getting a nicer one later after I "tried it out". An aspect of quality you might not think of is that when don't use the trailer a lot. Mine suffered a lot in even careful storage, mostly because of the rubber roof. It was at my house, and I kept after it pretty good, but still. Ended up nearly giving the thing away.

    I'm not complaining about having one though. We enjoyed the experience, used it for lots of fun stuff besides going to the track, and if I had more time (say if I was retired), I would probably want one again.

    I still look them up online every now and again to see what is out there. This one caught my eye lately:

    Know nothing about it beyond the site, but fixes some of the things mine had problems with (apparently)...
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  3. This is an area where I have a lot of experience.

    There are two major factors to deal with when attempting to quiet the noise from airflow.

    First, you want to make sure that the material won’t disintegrate in the airflow, blowing bits of insulation into the air (and into your lungs). The proper stuff is called „sound board,“ which is likely what Phl218 bought. You can buy it from specialty shops, and Home Depot sells it online.

    Second, the primary non-fan noise is from air turbulence in the duct. Just wedging a bunch of material in there doesn’t help - makes it worse, actually. You want to identify areas of turbulence (bends, gaps, corners), and line those with as much precision as possible. Think of the air as a water stream (it is a fluid after all) and try to create as smooth of a flow as possible. Make corners round, edges smooth, and seal/tape any gaps.

    I dropped the noise floor in my audio room by 10db by doing this, and only reduced airflow by 1.21 cfm.

    Seems like Phl218 managed to accomplish all of that without the over-analysis :)
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    Two types of tow rig owners.

    1) Those that will justify their undersized tow rig will pull what they need to and says it does it just fine. They say this because they literally have zero experience towing with anything better.
    2) Those that got the appropriate rig for the trailer, and say they'll never go back.

    Do you know anyone that sold their 3/4 or 1 ton truck to go back to a 1/2 ton for towing duty? Yeah, neither do I.
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  5. If you can’t afford a Cummins dually to tow a utility trailer, you shouldn’t be racing!
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    Raises hand. :D
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    I went from 1 ton back to owning a 1/2. I wouldnt say it was a bad decision my trailer is an 18ft aluminum v nose and the half ton does just fine. I do miss having a big diesel but don't miss the maintenance at all.
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    I’m about to. Don’t need a 3/4t diesel to tow a 7x10/12 4-5 times a year.
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    I knew the booger eaters would come out of the wood work to cherry pick my wording. :crackup:

    There's nobody towing, like actually pulling something of any significant size or weight, that went to a bigger truck, then decided "You know, this is just too stable and easy to tow, I'm going to go back to pulling my Work n Play with a Honda CRV"

    Fucking 7x10...we're talking towing, not attaching something the size of a fat chick to the back of your truck.
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    What extra diesel maintenance?
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  12. Wheel Bearing

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    Everyone needs an equalizer. I will tell everyone that 3/4 and 1 ton trucks are a waste of money and you can tow anything you'll ever need with a Chevette.
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  13. That’s the most accurate post you’ve ever made :D
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    You're 100% correct. One says GMC and the other one says Chevrolet. Other than that, same nuts and bolts.
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    Diesel trucks make the most sense when you combine 2 factors. Heavy towing and keeping them for 7 or more years. I plan to go at least 9 with my 2011 6.7. The depreciation curve on them outweighs the maintenance costs. Oh, and my next one will be deleted within the first 20k miles.
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    You said towing not towing heavy :Poke:

    Also, I enjoy the odd booger once and awhile, brings me back to my child hood.
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    My experience... I towed my toyhauler 7-8k with a 5.4L f150. Did it do it sure. Was It sketchy at times yes. Was it pleasurable...Not the slightest bit.

    I upgraded to a 2500 ram (gas) and it made driving home after a long race weekend a shitload better.
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    Just admit you were wrong and move along. :D
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    if thats the case...then why not something like this??

    Then you can pull up to the diesel island and not be ashamed! :D
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    Totally not acceptable...............You need a crew-cab to bring your buddies with you to the track while hauling your 6x12

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