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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by cMac, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. cMac

    cMac Conservatively Libral

    I was trying to ask this before but worded the question very poorly. I ride a zx10 and was wonder how many races do you guys get out of a set of tires. Also also post how fast you are. I'm a new novice and will primarily be racing at Summit Point and New Jersey

  2. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

    Best I've gotten out of rears on the Suzuki and Honda literbikes I've raced has been four sprint races, but realistically their best performance (for me) usually tails off by the end of the third race. Fronts I can easily run about eight sprints - in fact I usually run two rear tires for every front. That is on Bridgestone BT003 DOT race tires.

    Now, that doesn't mean the rear tires are completely shot after four races. After racing I'll flip them and use them for the following weekend's practices or a trackday. I don't flip fronts, however.

    I'm not a fast guy by any means, but I enjoy Summit and NJMP. When my game is on my best race times around Summit main have been in the consistent low 1:19's; I've never raced Thunderbolt, by my TD laptimer has shown consistent 1:30's with the occasional 1:29. Realistically if you're doing anywhere in the 1:23 range at Summit and 1:34 range at T-Bolt you're doing very well for a first year novice, imo.

    Just remember that although decent laptimes are important, the method that you're using to get to them is even more so. That means focusing on being smooth and consistent before anything else - then you'll see your times drop on their own.
  3. caboose

    caboose I love peanut butter!

    With the Dunlop NTec slicks i can get 3 sprint races out of a Medium compound rear before its done. Im not sure how long the fronts last, i've never had one wear out before. I only change them because after a few hundred laps they should be worn out... right??

    Im switching to the Bridgestones for 2011, Im curious to see how their new slicks perform but I am hearing good things.
  4. madboosties

    madboosties Well-Known Member

    Just had my 1st race this month. Mounted a set of brand new 003 medium compounds for Sat practice. Did 5 20min sessions with them and had the rear flipped for the last practice session sat. Got 2nd in two sprint races and the tire held up well. Could probably last another sprint but I'm just going to use it for a trackday.

    The advice that was given to me is to use just one set of tires for your 1st weekend. Dont switch between dots and slicks for different races and dont switch between practice and the race. Have the least amount of things "changing " as you can so you know have a good idea of what you are going out with and can just focus on riding.
  5. Gorilla

    Gorilla Let me push on that bitch

    I ran the Michelin Power 1 DOTs all year last year. The B rears were great for about 3 sprints and were good till they looked like slicks. They would start spinnin up but very predictable. The V front was great for about 7 or 8 sprint after that it starts goin off and it goes off fast. I could get about 13 sprints doin 3 a weekend before I would start losing the front. After about 8 sprints I would start losing drive grip on the rears.
  6. cMac

    cMac Conservatively Libral

    Thanks Guys and or Girls. It looks like ill be using a tire per weekend until I feel I need more.
  7. tracaddict

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    Summit point is pretty easy on tires, if you running a medium/hard and you suspension is dialed you could probably squeeze a weekend out of it. If you go soft for get about it, I was getting 16 laps then you could really feel it fall off 3rd race that was on a 600

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