Stoner is calling out Rossi

Discussion in 'General' started by GM GIXXER, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Rebel 636, are you serious? You need to do a little more reading. That's all you're getting from me.

    Rossi/Stoner smacktalk has been going on for years. It's necessary & expected. This isn't sweater knitting. This is guys making major life changes in order to beat the other guy. This is "I told you so". This is "you suck, step up". Been going on for decades.

    I can't see where some of the enthusiasm for Rossis next ride is coming from. The bike is all new. That's what we're being told. ALL NEW. OK. We get it. And? Is "new" synonymous with "proven" all of a sudden? As if we expected Ducati to sit around & NOT build an entirely new bike around their new engine.
    "New" just means "different than before" in racing. "New" is not better until it wins.
    Lets see how well you did at your first stab at an aluminum frame. Nothing like trying to match what the competition has been doing for 30 years.

    (The Cagiva GP bikes were aluminum framed prior to carbon, but they were less than stellar in the hands of mere mortals).
  2. TWF2

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    Or even better out of it :D
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    That is pretty dirty to not even mention the original interview. Yahoo is pretty dirty in general, though. I always like the Stoner interviews, there's zero bullshit. I think The Ben could be at the same level as Lunatic next year, he showed brilliance last year, he just needs consistency in it. It took even George a few years to stop throwing it down the road (and to the moon) and get a championship, I'm convinced Spies can do the same.

    I hope Valentino and Ducati can make it work, but I'm not overly optimistic.
  4. JAB

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    Finally.....4 yrs. later after Rossi scored 2....YYEEAAHHH Stoners the MAN!!!
  5. Biggboi

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    Rebel 636 go suck a rock you must race scooters with a governer on it !!!!!
  6. Cannoli

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    This is the beginning of the end for Dumbo Ears. Everyone knows women and kids will suck the will to live right out of ya! :D
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    Yep, i kept going back and trying to find where Stoner called out Rossi, wasnt there. Typical bullshit headline.As for Rossi, he is getting his share of humble pie at this stage in his career. For the first time, he is not on the best equipment, and his mortality has been shown to the world. Personally, i think its been good for him. It will serve him well in his later years.
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    Yeah right. Chicklet teeth will probably just get faster, and his teeth will get shinier. Good on Casey for impregnating her, I'd try to impregnate Adrianna every chance I had. He's an Aussie, he'll probably tell her directly to get her sweet little ass back in shape after she has the baby.

    Valentino will regularly win races again in MotoGP..... But it might take him and Ducati parting ways. Valentino could pull in enough personal sponsorship money to run a factory Yamaha on a 1 man new team, hell he could probably make a few phone calls and get the Fiat money. I think his pride and ego will force him to stick it out with Ducati as long as humanly possible, but if they don't remove theirs heads from their anuses at some point Valentino will leave.
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    He is for sure still one of the top 3 riders in the world , he just isnt the Supreme Alien he was made out to be. The competition from the first half of his career, to the second half is night and day, and the numbers show it. The new kids on the block were not intimidated with his voodoo curses. Rossi's ego cost him big time. He set out to show up both Jorge and Stoner, and came out the other end looking like a fool.
  10. Cannoli

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    Yeah, he's the man in the family... :crackup:


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    That's what I got from that article. Stoner says he wants to see more major players at the front of the pack.
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    That nut sack must create a helluva blind spot.....
  13. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

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    He currently is 'the man'.

    Somebody step up this year and take it from him. Will it be Rossi? Probably not.
  15. povol

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    Not only is he the man this year, he was the undisputed man during the 800 era. You know, come to think of it, the 800 era might not have had wheel to wheel racing every week, but it did produce 3 different champions in 5 years.
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