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Discussion in 'General' started by noles19, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. thrak410

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    all the contracts are expiring tomorrow so its going to be wild I think .. I heard the majority of the GME $800 calls are expiring. If thats true, expect a BOOM or a giant BUST, and many halts LOL
  2. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    yeah, selling today might have been smart to avoid the halts but not regarding the potential. but stocks and smarts are never seen in the same room together, just like DFV and Vlad.
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  3. R1M370

    R1M370 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I bought another bundle of this the other day, Im sitting on 450k shares off it now. Something funny is going on with the pricing this week.
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  4. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    $800 calls, no one cares, why? that was just to offset the put options. basic hedging. it's never going to 800, lucky if it stays near $100 tomorrow.
  5. wiggeywackyo

    wiggeywackyo Well-Known Member

    A 2 second look at the financials of this company easily tells you this is not a ~$250M company.
  6. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    oh for sure it isn't...think the hope is that they get some settlement $$ or PM buys the patent
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  8. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

  9. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    Today was GME and KOSS
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  10. motion


    I believe Softbank is Japanese.
  11. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    They all look the same
  12. tony 340

    tony 340 Well-Known Member

    More less buying it for logistics...not investment. I do expect value to go up as many big businesses have moved within 1 mile of there over the last 5 years and in the meantime I can control my rent.

    12min drive from my house and we do 24hr chem spill any time i can shave off driving is life years i gain.

    It would cost me 15k just to move all my shit. Add in travel time. Then add in most cities aren't very welcome to Hazardous waste companies moving in.....and there lies my answer.

    Kind of like buying a 2 unit strip mall that you already rent half of.
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  13. thrak410

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    haha... diamond hands here still holding 5
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  14. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    This diamond hands/paper hands silliness is played out.

    Investing is NOT a team sport.

    It is a never ending quest to find a greater fool and to avoid being the one the other guy found.
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  15. Inquizid

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    53317ACE-4FFB-4FAB-9905-F8D041E944D1.jpeg 40457F3A-AB56-4750-A543-0B81132A9BBB.jpeg Pretty sure this isn’t about “investing” anymore to the barbaric hoard of apes on reddit.
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  16. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    Yeah. Either to the moon or to the grave.
  17. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

  18. noles19

    noles19 Well-Known Member

    Well much like the first time, I'm barely in, but I'm in with gme:crackup:
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  19. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    interesting WSJ Journal article , GameStop Resurgence Reinforces New Reality for Hedge Funds (paywall)

    Speaks how in EU, any company with a greater than 0.5% short position must declare it. After GME, the US on the other hand has moved to a system where they hide it in ETFs now, or use total return swaps paying a bank a fee and then don't have to disclose the Hedge funds position.

    More games are being played by hedge funds, where as other parts of the world make these things transparent. :flag:
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  20. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    HCMC .0020 early AM...
    so paper or diamond hands.....will HCMC get anything, or are we headed for the exit. Team Sports player here

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