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    Yeah, that's basically what's going on. I don't see how we can avoid hyper inflation in the not too distant future. I figure my assets have all dropped 30% in value due to all the extra Franklins running around.
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    Don't fight the Fed. Best investing advice ever given
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    I decided to do some googling, because my statement sounds a bit outrageous.

    3 trillion in stimulus has been paid for covid thus far. The printing presses have been busy. How much is 3 trillion?

    There are approx 2 trillion US dollars in circulation

    The total value of all homes in the USA is about 30 trillion

    The US economy is worth 20 trillion per year. That's gross domestic product. GDP increased 4.1,table 1 and table 3).

    Personal income for the entire USA population is about 17 trillion the,United States was $17.6 trillion.

    Pumping 3 trillion into the economy is HUGE!
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    Or, about $9000 for every person in the country. Think about that
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    Brazil has pretty much wiped out poverty in their country by printing and distributing reals. Makes you wonder what the future will hold for them. I remember being in Brazil in the early 90's when inflation was like 10,000% PER MONTH.
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    I bought a chunk in Jan at $0.22 a coin or something. Feeling pretty good about that move right now. lol
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    I'm at +257.95% at the close today.... Been buying JMIA since Aug 2020 :bow::D:D
    Jumia Technologies FTW!!!:D

    Wakanda Forever!!!! :D
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    Trainwreck I could give a heck

    Been looking into a lot of materials stuff lately. Something long term in regards to battery materials. like lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphene etc. I am interested in just plopping bits of cash into shares then forgetting about it for 5-10 years.. I got a bunch of surprise profits from crypto last week lol.. So i figured "what the hell" and am looking for higher risk/long term.

    I'm not as much of an active trader as I used to be.. I'm more into the "set it and forget it" investments.. less stressful, easier for my taxes.. etc..

    What's the beeb think about battery goods? With the imminent shift to more EV on the road, the money has gatta be there eventually right?
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    As soon as NASA tows one of those 300 quadrillion dollar asteroids back to earth you get screwed. So will all the gold bugs.
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    Stuff is already getting hairy there.
    They got ride of the 1 cent coin, and just launched a 200 denomination note.
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    zertrider Waiting for snow. Or sun.

    AVL looks to be moving right now. Did alright with them a couple years ago and the last few days the are up 20%.
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    Its been a rough week with my Chinese EV stocks :(
  15. Trainwreck

    Trainwreck I could give a heck

    Yeah, I've been digging hard (pun intended) into the mining industry especially in regards to battery materials. I took most of the profits I "accidentally" made off of XRP coin, and invested it into mining companies that are focusing on those materials. I also picked up shares of companies that have things in the works for recycling battery materials.

    I also snagged a few more shares of LIT. which is an ETF comprised of some big North American battery materials, EV, and tech players. Like Tesla, and Albermarle. However, they have even more holdings in Asian companies like Samsung, Genfeng, BYD, LG Chem, etc... I actually bought a bite of LIT shares in 2017, and again during the COVID dip. (I was super lucky to have play money sitting around for that dip... I've had a great year because of it)

    I've had my eye on EV, AVL stuff for a few years, but I was taking care of other things (home business) and day trading Crypto, to really make moves on stuff other than my retirement accounts..

    I recently got a nice promotion at work though, and put half the percentage into my racing budget, and the other half into risky long term market stuff. Meanwhile my 401k will stay the same (or increase with yearly max allowance) and my other investment account my wife and I have for our next home/land purchase will remain the same, with the same "safer bet" investments. (this is also the only money we "share" outside of our monthly bills joint account) ....Also, being financially independent from your SO is the move! We've been together for over 10 years and have never fought about money other than the time she wanted to buy a ridiculously expensive house that barely had a 2 car garage... Oh.. and the time I almost bought a 996 Porsche 911 Turbo while we were on our Honeymoon.. But that wasn't because of the money, that was because I just started racing bikes, and she now hates most car stuff.. So I guess it doesn't count.

    The risky stuff I'm doing on the side is so I can hopefully be an absolute idiot with money when I hit my midlife crisis... lol JK. It's so I can fill a barn up with old 70-90's Japanese cars. lol I don't even care if they run. I just want them all. So, yeah.. I guess be an idiot actually.
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    Cmon Big oil...keep it up.

    BKR, HAL, SLB are killing it. Keep it up @Gorilla George

    My GE and ITA are looking good as well.

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  17. Dude, the last two weeks have been a good way. :D
  18. Trainwreck

    Trainwreck I could give a heck

    So... I bought a chunk of ABML at $0.22/share..... This morning it was over $1.12 for a bit. I almost went into a coma.. This isnt a "life changing" amount of money, but it was enough profit to make my heart skip a few beats. I set up a different stop limit, and left it in there. My wife thinks I should sell it considering I've quadrupled my investment that was initially tripled profits I made on accident via crypto.. I was feeling pretty alright when I doubled up last week, but this is wild.

    This is my first year trading futures, stocks, and index funds. I've only traded crypto and a bit of Forex from about 2012 on..

    I'm just some dumb trailer park kid. I have made profits on every trade this year besides a dumb ass move with an oil index, and a couple of stop losses set too tight on futures. (I quit trading futures live for now, still studying and experimenting with papertrades on them though)

    Not excited for the inevitable loss streak that HAS to be coming my way.. I'm doing long term stuff, with a little swinging here and there. Still... there's no way this can be maintained forever.
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    Curious what everyone is thinking with oil stocks. On one had I see oil going up with Biden stepping in or am I wrong on this?
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