school me..... never mind just a few generator questions.

Discussion in 'General' started by gt#179, Nov 9, 2017.

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    I'll help you when we run into each other. We have double booked weekends in Feb. I'll be covering JGP and Tally. Lori and Jon will be covering RRR for both weekends.
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    I installed the Microair Easystart on my 13.5k BTU Dometic unit on my toy hauler a couple weeks ago. Install was super easy, especially since I bought from Hutch Mountain via Amazon. They include Wago connectors, so you don't even have to crimp on connectors. The Wago's are just a lever you lift up, slide the wire in, and push the lever down.

    Now my AC unit easily runs off a 3k watt generator. And the compressor no longer makes a bang when it kicks on, which makes it easier to sleep at night.
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    I had it in my mind that my options were Honda 2200 + Easystart or just getting a Honda 3000, but sounds like 3000 + Easystart is a good combo?

    Good tip on the Hutch Mountain kit, I'm mostly afraid of falling through the roof of my trailer but I think I could figure out how to make this work!
  4. Badger911GT3

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    Maybe my Firman 3000k watt generator isn't the best, but it wouldn't run even the 11k BTU AC I had in my previous toy hauler. Yeah, going up on the roof is the hardest part of the install. I'm a little afraid of heights. Now that I've done the install once, I could do it again in 5 minutes. If you get the Easystart from Hutch Mountain, then go to HM's website and watch their video. If you have a Dometic Brisk 2 AC, then the install will be EXACTLY the same as what you see in that video.
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  5. L8 Braker

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    HF doesn’t allow the 20% off coupon to be used towards the generators.
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  7. Mongo

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    I didn't get the 20% for mine but did get a 15% I think, that added on top of the percentage discount for signing up for their credit card worked out great. Just paid the card off anyway since I was going to pay cash.
  8. RRP

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    details on the credit card? good deal etc?

  9. Sabre699

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  10. Mongo

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    I just did it for the discount. Had the cash so doing no interest for x amount of time didn't work for me, just put the genset on the card that day for the 10% off and paid the bill when it showed. Overall the transaction was simple other than you have to do the card stuff in the store but the local peeps were great.

    So the genset was $800 - coupon didn't come off the sale price - 15% coupon took it to 680, then the cc took another 10% off of that (not 10% of the original price sadly) - total was basically $611 plus tax. Under $650 OTD is a pretty damn good price.
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    I read somewhere that Cummins was just a rebadged made in china model. Not saying it's no good....just not what you might expect. I had a chinese Briggs as someone linked above and it was great
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    Six 5-star and 5 one-star reviews... hmmm
  14. bEeR

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    I dug into that after you mentioned it. That appears to be true.
    It's the same genny as the Westinghouse version.
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    Well I've decided to go all in and get a Honda EU7000is.

    What is the go-to place to buy a Honda gen these days? It used to be Wise Sales but they're out of business.
  16. Sabre699

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    Grainger's got them.
  17. Mongo

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    I'm jealous.
  18. RonR

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    I have went all through the web site and YouTube looking for then to fully explain what they do other than
    “ limit power “
    Watching the demo they did at some show and others online it doesn’t act like a VFD. I’d really feel more comfortable about it if it said limits voltage and Hz. I’m still very interested in installing one though
  19. bEeR

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    I thought Eddie could source stuff from Honda East.
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    If you're referring to Honda East in Toledo, I called them last week after reading their name in this thread, they only sell Yamaha generators and only at MSRP.

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