RZ 500 (canadian V4) gas cap new in bag with keys. $100.00 shipped CONUS

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    Yamaha part No. 5VL-F4610-01. Package NEVER opened nor used.
    Bought this for my Canadian RZ500 that I since sold years ago. Bought RZ from Lee Buzalek in DE and rebuilt by Lance Gamma (Rick) down south.
    My old gas cap was rust pitting and I never got around to changing it out for this new gas cap B4 I sold it.
    I know there is a thread on the RZ 350/500 site that has instructions on how to integrate your current keys.

    $100.00 shipped CONUS only. PAYPAL

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      On my 1GE the top of the filler is level with the top of the tank. The genuine Yamaha YBR125 5VLF461001 cap fits perfectly and only has about 1mm clearance to the tank. The fit was pretty much identical to the rusty old cap it replaced

    • know a few people are looking for a fuel tank cap in good condition but a original cap is no longer available under part number 47x2460200.This part number supercedes to the rzv500 cap 51X2460200 but this is also nla and supercedes to a black fuel cap for a fz750 1AE2460200 which is available.I have found something out which i would like to share with people who may need a new cap.I am a bit of a Yamaha parts anorak and saw a fuel cap on ebay for a Yamaha YBR125 which looked the same as a rd/rz500 cap.So i went to my local Yamaha dealer with a original cap and compared it with a YBR125 they had on display.The cap from the YBR125 is made in China and the base is made of plastic but the rest is like the original.The part number for the cap is 5VLF461001,this is what you get.

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