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  1. Good evening WEAR racers,

    Sportbike Tire Service has decided to pull out all the stops this weekend for a once-in-a-lifetime sale this weekend! If you stop in to see Kevin at Sportbike Tire Service and agree to make 1 social media post about Sportbike Tire Service, he will give you one free Michelin front tire if you purchase 3 Michelin rear tires, while supplies last!!! That is up to a $180 dollar savings that allows you to keep a boat load of money in your pocket. So, please stop in and see Kevin at Sportbike Tire Service and take advantage of this very rare opportunity to save a bunch of money!!! Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!
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  2. BSA43

    BSA43 Well-Known Member

    What's WEAR?
  3. Mongo

    Mongo Sacko

    That's what happens with autocorrect until you add WERA to your dictionary :D
  4. Mot Okstef

    Mot Okstef Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't exactly call $180 a boat load of money, but thank you for supporting WEAR and the sport. :)

    Since Mongo is there, WEAR stands for We Eat At Roebling. :D
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  5. Mongo

    Mongo Sacko

    Works for me, about to have some leftover pizza for breakfast :D
  6. Mot Okstef

    Mot Okstef Well-Known Member

  7. Our apologies to all. We have added the word WERA to our dictionary.
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  8. Mongo

    Mongo Sacko

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  9. Pizza for everyone!!!
  10. dobr24

    dobr24 Well-Known Member

    That's a nice deal!

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