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    Usually just post these on Facebook and Twisted Speed Racing page but will start here to as I know some people don't like social media...

    Twisted Speed Racing Round 3 2016

    -Road Atlanta Cycle Jam 2016-

    Brad Burns and I arrived on time Thursday evening. JR Gillespie arrived earlier and secured us a spot in the paddock as he has done for us for several years. Big thanks to Rusty and his "southern hospitality".

    Thursday night we set up and both had some work to do on the bikes.

    Friday Cycle Jam is a busy day because they mix Vintage racing in with the modern bike practices.
    First practice out my bike motor felt numb. I couldn't put my finger on the issue but something "seemed off" and I swore it sounded different. Did a couple laps to get my legs under and felt ok but knew immediately my wrist I broke at Talladega was going to be an issue this weekend.
    Practice was cut short as my clip on moved a little under braking. After the crash at Tally, everything up front was off so clearly we didn't tighten the clip on enough.
    Second practice session my bike definitely sounded different and I came into the pits early to discover my head pipe had cracked.
    I also noticed a slight smell of engine coolant.
    Third practice session on the second lap my bike started to over heat and I ended up on a ride into the paddock on the crash truck.
    We topped of the radiator but could not find a leak anywhere.
    Practice session four evaded nearly the same way and the crack in the head pipe grew and the exhaust needed swapped.
    Tyler King helped me remove the head pipe and we scrambled to the Skip Barber racing garage at Road Atlanta. Tyler was prepared to Tig weld the exhaust and they had a brand new Lincoln Tig machine but... No Ti rods.
    So we decide to start removing parts from my B bike. The Exhaust was removed and we discovered a crack at the top of the radiator.
    So now the B bike was minus an exhaust and radiator.
    Tyler is incredibly efficient and we "thought" we were ready for practice Saturday morning.

    Practice session one on Saturday started ok but on lap 3 on the front straight I heard and extremely loud pop and got blasted on the visor with water/coolant. I shut off the bike and coasted off the front straight.
    We discovered a radiator line popped off. We thought we must of just overlooked tightening the clamp.
    After securing the clamp and adding more water we went out for practice 2. Again heating issues. We could not find a leak anywhere.
    So we prepare for the race.
    During race I was very apprehensive constantly checking my engine temperature. Since I'm not chasing regional points I was content following some guys to see what they were doing and plan an attack for Sunday. On the last lap of the race coming onto the front straight the bike over heated again. Once again I got a crash cart ride to the paddock area.
    We decided to bleed the entire radiator system. Lifting the from of the bike off the ground and bleeding the heads and radiator.
    We thought maybe we he an air pocket.
    Saturday wasn't all bad, Darrian and I got on the track following the last race of the evening, where we did a photo shoot with RedSpade (Anna Anna Rigby). It was a very cool shoot and we can't wait to see the pictures.

    On Sunday's at Road Atlanta we only have 1 practice session due to mandatory quiet time for churches in the area.
    On the second lap of practice I feel my right foot get wet on the back straight. The motor starts to over heat. I knew water came out from somewhere.
    Once back in the paddock we discover that my main radiator hose had completely exploded. It was at that point we realized the gremlin we are searching for is just showing up in the cooling system. My motor most likely has a bad head gasket and is pushing pressure into the cooling system causing the radiator to fail at weak point then blowing the two lines. Crazy how looking back this becomes obvious (the pressure causing the issues).
    So at this point it's either not race of put everything off the A bike back into the B bike.
    Tyler King once again bailed me out and got everything swapped with time to spare for my race.
    The heavyweight twin race had some great competition. I was starting the race on a bike I didn't have one lap around Road Atlanta on. I started from position two on the front row.
    I immediately noticed that my clutch foot shift lever was not adjusted correctly and was too high. This caused me to miss shifts twice on the first three laps. I dropped back to seventh place and was really frustrated. The next couple of laps I held a decent pace and realized the guys in front of me were not gapping me. On lap six and seven of the race I dropped two seconds and on lap seven ran the fastest lap of the race and was able to secure a podium finish with a Third place finish! Just didn't have enough time to get used to the bike and reel in the two guys up front. Congrats to Gene Burcham on some great wins this weekend.
    Although last year I left Road Atlanta with 4 races wins, I felt this weekend ended almost just a rewarding as I really had so many issues I never thought a podium would be possible. I also gained valuable points in the National Challenge as the overall points leader directly in front of me finished 5th in this race.
    I really can't thank Tyler King enough. Without him this weekend would of been a DNS on Sunday for me.

    Huge congrats to my Teammate Brad Burns who is really at the pointy end of the big bike class now! Podium finishes In all his races against some of the fastest guy in the country! 3 second place finishes and a 3rd.
    Really has taken his riding to another level!

    I also need want to thank Darrian for coming to the races to support me this weekend! She loved the "race family".
    Thanks to Brad Burns for getting the RV back home (I'm on my way to Siesta Key via plane with Darrian as I type this)
    Thank Tyler King again(!!!) for bring Bella back.
    I won't thank JR (Rusty) for the MoonShine. ;)
    Shane Horton SevenTwo Oneracing for the ride to the airport and showing Darrian how we give signals from
    Hot Pit to me as I race.
    Also thanks to Gene Burcham for the work table.
    Thanks to Mary Wagner for joining the Twisted Speed Team!!
    Next two rounds of the National Challenge series land me on home field advantage at MidOhio and PittRace!
    Now it's time for beach, relaxing and a fresh SuperBike Motor

    Ride safe,
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    Given your performance at Tally with the broken wrist and the crap you had to deal with at Road ATL you are a Racer's Racer. I'm looking forward to racing you at Mid-Ohio.
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    It's always a pleasure to share the track with you guys. See you at Barber???
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    No Barber for me. Just National stuff.
    Was great seeing you again Leon!

    Ride safe,
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    That really means a lot to me!
    Hope we have good weather for Mid-Ohio!

    Ride cafe,
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    Screw the facetubes!
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