Ride with Scott Russell at Barber in the Concours de Competition July 2, 2022

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by Can-am, Dec 13, 2021.

  1. Can-am

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    After 2 years of pandemic reduced activity, we hope to have a larger field and more fans admitted to the exhibition area next year. Start thinking about what you would like to ride with Scott in the "Go" class and what you would like to exhibit in the "Show" class. The invitation period will be during February and March so that the invitees will have ample time to prepare their bikes and exhibits for the event.

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  2. Can-am

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  3. Mongo

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    Scott who?

  4. Can-am

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    This Scott Russell who go his start road racing in WERA. You might have heard of him.

    A native of Conyers, GA, Scott Russell is a former professional motorcycle road racing champion, known in the sport as “Mr. Daytona.” Russell was crowned AMA Superbike Rookie of the Year in 1988 and this set into motion a long string of accomplishments over his incredible 13-year career.

    Russell earned the “Mr. Daytona” nickname after winning the prestigious Daytona 200 five times – in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 1998 while narrowly missing wins on two other occasions. Russell won the AMA Superbike Championship in 1992 and was named AMA Pro Athlete of the Year that same year. He also became the third American to win the World Superbike Championship in 1993 and was runner-up in 1994. Russell also took victory in the prestigious Suzuka 8 Hour in 1993. Russell’s notorious comeback win over Carl Fogarty in the 1995 Daytona 200 came after crashing on the first lap of the race which was highlighted on the cover of Cycle World magazine.

    With 14 World Superbike Series wins, 14 AMA Superbike career wins, 23 AMA 750 Supersport (later renamed Superstock) career wins and three championships (along with an undefeated season in 1991), Russell earned induction into the American Motorcyclist Association’s Hall of Fame in 2005. He also took two podium finishes in the 500cc Grand Prix World Championship in 1996.
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  5. DougBowie

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    Make him ride a tricycle…. So, he does lap everyone….
  6. ToofPic

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    Doug,You still going down for Roebling this weekend? I think Mike is bailing out for work.
  7. DougBowie

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    Can’t make it … should be a nice weekend….
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  8. dave3593

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    I rode in the 2021 event and had a BLAST!! Ron (Can-am) and Linda are great hosts and some of the bikes are quite special. Many of these older racers are a hoot to be around and well known in racing/bike building circles. I was pitted next to Tony Doukas.

    Even if you don't get selected for the "go" class bring your bike to race in the WERA vintage or modern classes and hang out.
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  9. Can-am

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  10. dave3593

    dave3593 What I know about opera I learned from Bugs Bunny

    I got picked for the "go" class again this year! Last year was great. I am so happy to see old friends again and overload on vintage race bikes again.

    Who on here is coming this year for the vintage fun?

    I sure hope Scott Russell takes to the track on an original superbike!
  11. CharlieY

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    Thats great Dave!....what are you entering? I'll come by.....

    I'm pretty sure Ron has something to that affect lined up sir!....I think that's how he got Scott to join.

    I'm unsure of all the details, but looking forward to the event.
  12. DougBowie

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    Also… Monkey Wrench Beer will be there….:beer::beer:
  13. dave3593

    dave3593 What I know about opera I learned from Bugs Bunny

    Is that what Ron calls it?
  14. DougBowie

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    No… This is from the Brewery… Look us up …
  15. Robin172

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    Is Doug providing free beer? What next, flying pigs?
  16. DougBowie

    DougBowie Well-Known Member

    Yup…, But we all know Sir Robin that pigs can’t fly… But, Ducks can….:beer:

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