"Racer Heads" - A 1990 newspaper article about club racing (WERA specifically)

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    Hello good vintage people,

    Below is a link to scans of an article entitled "Racer Heads" that appeared in the Washington DC City Paper in their issue of May 25 - 31, 1990.

    When you click on the link, please use the "previous" arrow (on the left) to move through the 11 scans that comprise the complete text and photos of the article.

    The article was written by Kathi Whalen, and describes the WERA event (The David Nutter, Jr. Memorial Sprint) at Summit Point, WV on April 14 - 15, 1990.

    Many of you Mid-Atlantic folks will likely recall this piece, but it should be new to most. Hope you all dig it. Thanks.

  2. yamageezer

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    Good read. That's my era. Reardon, Fleming, Al Wilcox. All good stuff, thanks for posting.
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    David Nutter Jr. Memorial

    Thanks for posting this...Was thinking of the Nutter family the other day...I actually spent the night at their home prior to my first ever WERA race weekend a lifetime ago... Does anyone know if Dave Sr. or Deb is still around?

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