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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by RoidRageFool, Feb 22, 2022.

  1. RoidRageFool

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    Are there typically suspension technicians at WERA events? Not a problem if not. Just wondering for when it is time to get back out there.
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    Typically there is, but not always. When in doubt, figure out what suspension guys go to the track(s) you plan on going to...and reach out to them before then and let them know what you're wanting to do and go from there.

    I've had them service my stuff track side before, but again that's a coordinated effort, calling them weeks before the weekend and ensuring they have the time/parts needed to do what I need. If you're looking for a basic setup or recommendations, shouldn't be much of an issue for them. Keep in mind that any suspension tuner can only do so much with unknown suspension. I've lost count at how many riders expect the suspension guy to know exactly what the issue is or how to fix their handling problem when the suspension guy doesn't even know the spring rates on the bike because they weren't the last ones inside the forks/shock. So the rider tells them 2nd or 3rd hand information since they bought the bike used and is merely going off what the previous owner told them...that could be full of shit or not.
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    A better question may be "does YOUR suspension guy go to the track". Out West there is usually someone at the track that helps out with the trackday crowd that runs Fri and/or Sat before WERA. Using them for race tuning may or may not work well for you. It depends on a lot of things like your riding, your bike, their experience, their tuning style, etc etc. It may take a while to figure if you two are a good fit and you may need to "shop around".

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