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    While the gauge might not be accurate, using the same gauge consistently to manage tire pressure will eliminate inaccuracies due to the deltas between gaugeN and gaugeN+1
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    So what temps are we looking for then? I would just like to have another data point. The best I would be able to do would be laser temp when i get back to the pits. Would this work as an additional data point? I also understand that this will vary depending on climate/distance from track. If I do this 100% would it add any value? I am not willing (at least for now) to investing in a temp tool (plus my dumbass would jabb a hole in my tire)
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    I still like to look at the pressure rise right off the track as it's another check to help you manage things. In regards to compounds and ambient temps it's not cut and dried like that. As I said above fast guys can get a SC1 rear to work everywhere and in low temps. So don't worry about actual ambient temps, so when your ready to pick a compound go to your vendor and ask him for help. He'll probably say at your pace use a SC1, or SC0, or if your looking for max tire life a SC2. and you may want to reread my notes up top:D
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    I have probably probed 10 thousand plus tires in my career, and you know what it's not going to tell you much. It's like trying look at durometer readings at the track. Collecting durometer data is relevant in a laboratory setting and not in the pits at the Sledges. So look at hot pressures, hot pressures, hot pressures!
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    Ah bump again
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