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    I finally retired my XR650R after 17 years and 1 Baja 1000 and 2 Baja 500's. Replaced it with a 2022 KTM 500 EXC-F. I love the Big Red Pig, but light weight, more power and electric start finally prevailed at 65. For Ensenada to La Paz with long, wide open stretches, it can't be beat. But, if you're going over the Summit or picking your way thru rock gardens, it is a handful for mortals. Bulletproof tho' and all day comfortable on long stretches.

    Danilo needs to continue to ride as he can for the experience. There is no substitute for seat and navigation time. Slow down, learn and take advantage of the KTM support which is unrivaled. Maybe he can serve as a leader's water carrier, or is that forbidden now that he is out of the competition? I suspect it would be frowned upon.


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    "Danilo Petrucci unfortunately suffered an electrical issue midway through the special. After returning to the bivouac, the team were able to source the problem and the former MotoGP star will restart tomorrow but will not feature in the overall classifications."

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    I get the light weight for sure especially on a bike.

    The race is pretty punishing to any vehicle but a major difference for the quads is that you can't help but hit more stuff. With the trucks and buggies they're pretty much using both tracks on the two track and with the bikes you get to pick your track. On the quads you're in one track or the other but they're narrower than the cars so you hit everything in the middle. It was so brutal we lost the whole skidplate somewhere after the 800 mile mark but my teammate who was riding at the time didn't even notice where he lost it.:eek:.
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    I always see the quad guys and think they are completely insane. It looks awful.
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    MotoAmerica posted on their instagram...
    Motojournalist Raquel Jiménez Rodríguez quoted @petrux9 in an interview yesterday on the Spanish Website MOTOSANS, titled "Petrucci: After MotoGP and the Dakar, I will go to MotoAmerica." Petrucci said: "What I like the most is that I chose rallies because I like being on the bike, and the same will be in MotoAmerica. I'm going to see a new continent and, at 31, it was good to try."

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    Thanks for posting!
  7. Agreed.

    Stupidass shit.
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    Like I said when I read it originally, atleast he is already used to getting beat by Yamahas! LOL. Glad to have him on board though.
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    When is KTM going to figure out their goddam fuel pumps? One of the main reasons I'm buying the 701 LR is because it's got two fuel pumps for one inevitably craps out on me.

    I hope Petrux just swims in American poonani. Seems like a super likable dude.
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    Plenty of pictures of him w/o masks.

    Over-reacting over nothing ages a person you know?....

    Also, was reading that the failure was 'electrical'. Is KTM now using the old Honda excuse?.......
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    Fuel pumps run off electricity, right.
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    I thought they were magical . . . oh, wait, that is electricity.


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    Someone posted elsewhere that it turned out to be a burned out fuse that took Petrucci out. Guess he needs a cast of mechanics to work on the bike for him. MotoGP riders are spoiled like that, lol It was also mentioned he could continue to ride, just not be in the running. Becoming a high speed tourist of sorts. In his place, I'd entertain doing it. It's for the experience in the end. Finishing order is secondary for a first year rider. I hope he continues.
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    So you bought a white KTM because you don't like KTMs? Interesting choice.
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    Not sure how you got me not liking KTMs from my post.

    I already own one Husky (KTM), and am buying another. One of the reasons I bought it is because the LR comes with two gas tanks and two fuel pumps, which is a nice redundancy for a part that KTM has had issues with.
  16. KMC


    Really? Maybe he DESERVED a mechanical?....because you don't agree with a guy wearing/staging a fucking mask in a picture? GTFO. Some of you guys are so butt hurt about this shit. I could personally give a damn either way. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask. You do you, I'm not going to judge you either way. I'm here for the motorcycles, not to push a political agenda.

    Great to see Danilo running up to 13th in the Dakar race. Would have been cool to see him finish in the top 10. What's going to be cooler is to get such an amazing rider and funny guy in MA next year. Going to be very hard for Danilo or anyone to beat Jake, but to have a recent factory GP rider and race winner in our paddock will be awesome.
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    Right, remember, I started the thread and until now had nothing bad to say about him. You’re missing the point. There was nothing political about my post. I have a self reflection thing and if something happens I try to see what I could’ve done differently so that my decisions didn’t have any negative affect(or effect?) always mix those up.

    here is what you’re missing. After the gut wrenching blow of a mechanical after such a great run, during his distress and emotional roller coaster... some douchetastic waste of life said... here, put this on so that we can show our masters who we serve. This isn’t about Danilo at all, I don’t care who in the world does anything as long as it doesn’t effect me or those I love. If he was pictured as he was riding then great, he wasn’t as it was shown in his close interview in front of the helicopter. So who is the master? The media? KTM? Red Bull? All of them?

    I wish him all the luck and happiness in the world. I hope he learns not to allow his media impressions to be used for bullshit reasons. I’ve experienced systemic oppression I’m not a fan and anyone that doesn’t speak up about it is as bad as the ones doing it.
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    You crack me up Jim, hope you’re well my friend.
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    The mask has become just another branded billboard for marketing purposes. They won't be going away anytime soon.
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    The number of people who have nothing to talk about except for politics these days is kinda sad.

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