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  1. Dave K

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    He owns (owned?) a house in Kali. With the covids he might have been kept out of the US.
    He seemed to spend less time in the US after landing on his head the last time but didn’t he just do something on an electric motorcycle a few weeks back?

    Don’t really know anymore.
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    He is. He is a talented rider, who trained hard, had the best roadbook trainers in the world getting him prepared, and he is executing well. I wish him the very best. Dakar, however, is a long slog, albeit, not as long or difficult as it was in 2007 and earlier. I stand by my earlier prediction, but I'd be pleased to be wrong.


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    Love having your commentary as your experience is unparalleled, especially here. I don’t know much about Dakar... what changed in 2007? I know it was in SA for a bit, which made me start to plan to go, then moved it again. Yeah I could look it up but would much rather hear It from your perspective, if you could be so kind.

    I’m sure Danilo wants to do as well as possible, But bet he has achieved his goal of seeing if he could be competitive at that level, and he’s proven that it seems. I understand it’s far from over and it’s only been 2 days but... he’s doing it and doing it well.
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    The old school actual Paris-Dakar route was much longer. As time as progressed it’s become less true adventure rally and more multiple stage enduros back to back. It’s the fault of bike technology, rider progression, politics and the continual shrinking of the world.

    Racing ruins everything.

    BTW, if you aren’t familiar with Malle Moto (motul originals) they are the true king ding-a-lings of Dakar. Virtually unsupported solo moto entries.
    Lyndon Poskitt’s series on it is eye-opening.

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    Thank You!

    I have some learning to do...
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    Knotcher nailed it. 2007 was the last year in Africa. 17 days. Long, traditional route. 2008 was cancelled due to terrorists. 2009 was first year in South America and the advent of what has developed into a series of "sprints." Not "easy" but very different.

    I love the fact Petrucci has full KTM factory support. That is unheard of for a Dakar rookie, much less an offroad racing rookie. I hope he does well.


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    Gah. Where are you seeing this? Dangit.
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    Dakar website live feed/real-time tracking
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    There are still two Americans in the top 10 to cheer on: Skyler Howes on a factory Husky and Andrew Short on a factory Yamaha.
    edit: Sorry, Short is back in 16th, but there are still 4 Americans in the top 22, which are all still close enough to the front to win this early in the going.
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  13. Yzasserina

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    I hope he continues if he wants to do it next year for the experience... been sidetracked last couple of days, so I have to find my password for the Olympic Channel to watch and root for the Americans...
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    The mask staging for the pics really is too much. What master is he bowing down to... less of a fan now, maybe he deserved the mechanical. This isn’t the way he was operating in the desert, they used this photo op to push an agenda. Sickening and a further assault on society.
  15. motion


    Its pretty much incomprehensible. Italians are highly social, so its not surprising that he would wear one if asked.
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    Apparently the fuel pump took a poo...

  17. Knotcher

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    I just bought a sherco 500 for racing in Mexico as the XR650R is just too heavy, too old school, and has awful brakes.

    You know what can be easily field serviced? A carburetor.
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  18. GNC

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    Maybe it’s for dust
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    I'd be looking for ultra-reliable as my top priority if I was doing Baja. Although I do understand wanting a lighter bike. I raced the 1000 in 2007 on an ATV and I remember passing a dude on a dirt bike in this super long sand whoop section. I felt sorry for him because I knew his arms had to be like jelly. My arms felt pretty bad, but I didn't have to deal with trying to keep a bike from swapping back and forth like he did. I was on a super built TRX450 and we had the air filter fall off which is pretty much certain death for a motor in Baja. We made it to 900 miles before we started missing checkpoints. It was an awesome experience though:D.
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    I’ve done 2 Mexican 1000 on the 650R. As awesome as it is, it’s just ridiculous in the tougher terrain. She was built for a specific race course that doesn’t really exist anymore. As relaxed as the M1K is, it’s getting more technical next year.

    Bummed that rally and the desert did their thing to Danilo, but they definitely do their thing on the regular. Hell I almost lost my bike to the ocean tides last year.
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