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    Damn man, sucks, I’ve broken both of mine multiple times, this last time is the worst and I have lots of numbness and tingling after having to be reset and lots of bone stimulation and tens sessions daily. It’s still not right and has been since March.
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    It's your money and your job and reputation in the industry is on the line. Petrucci is available. So is literally every swinging dick in America. Your goal is to win a championship on a Ducati and fluff it hard with all the associated press and pomp. You decline Petrucci simply because he's not red, white and blue because 'Murica. Who are you putting on that bike that will do that job?
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  3. Dave K

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    Okay, the reverse is who in the US, young or established can run the Ducati and beat Gagne?

    and promote Ducati, the sponsors and draw press attention?

    No, not "he'll be up to speed in a few laps/ races/ years? and not tear up equipment?

    Elias maybe but he's not 'merican (yet).
  4. henry_carlson

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    zippy. we have some c+ riders that can potentially grow and develop if they receive an opportunity (like Gagne). all our prospects have left already, are young kids, languishing in stock 1000, or jump ship to moto 2.
  5. FastByKids

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    Ding Ding Ding

    Seems as though the Ducati is the chassis of frustration the past few years. (in America)

    Even when the Europeans come over they still have to learn unique American tracks. I remember a certain European that was called a "Scud Missile" as he often over rode the chassis and track to keep the Suzuki on the podium. (Baz also had a few rough rider moments also?)

    Petrucci going to have his hands full, going to be fun to watch him adapt.

    But to answer your question, not one American rider comes to mind. Possible in 6-12 years if certain rippers come back home from Europe. (Kitchens, Sanchez, Rossi, Daniel--to name a few)
  6. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    I'd like to see how Roberts would go on the Ducati but I don't know if up and down years in moto2 would translate. And not just in 'merica but him on a Ducati in the US would be an interesting thread to read.
  7. GNC

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    How do you get he is a high valued rider ? If so he wouldn't need to come here. I always said to build back the series you do it from within. over 90% of the US population doesn't even know who the riders are now. Maybe you're right I can see all the major companies that are sponsoring the teams we have now !
  8. dsapsis

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    A former factory rider/race winner in GP has to rate value in this context. Intl. moto journalism is following it not just the anemic stateside news.
  9. rd49

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    Do you really think said young rippers aspire to come back and race MA after being exposed to the European racing? I don’t, it would seem to be a step backwards.
  10. FastByKids

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    Scott and Landers are two that come to mind quickly. European racing is tough and not everyone gets a ride to the bigger shows. I certainly don't see these kids coming back just to quit racing. ;)
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    So who do you think would do well on the Ducati? Who would you pick if you were running the team? I think it has been established that the current Ducati is difficult to get set up well in any series and is very problematic for the rider if the set up is missed. So far is has not been a consistent winner in Moto A or WSBK, even with riders of high caliber on it. I like Petrucci and hope he does well, but, I suspect he will also have set up problems in addition to learning new tracks and tires.
    Given how hard it is to get the Ducati dialed in, how do you expect a young up an comer to be able to provide useful feedback to the crew? If you want to build from within, the only current MA riders I would consider are Kyle Wyman due to his experience with trying to make the Ducati work or Stefano Mesa, cause I think he has the experience and can give good feedback, in addition to I just like his work ethic and ability. I doubt Ducati would agree with me tat either of those riders would be a better business decision than Petrucci. They want wins and building the series is not their concern.
  12. Shenanigans

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    As Napoléon Dynamite would say..."Lucky "
  13. SuddenBraking

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    Cameron and SDK have shown the path to Moto2 from MA for these young guys........I'd be surprised if that's not Rocco's goal in a couple years vs moving up to race superbikes in MA.
  14. FastByKids

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    I think the Red Bull Rookies Cup was a huge tell for Landers.

    Was some grumblings not one American was picked for 2022.

    At the end of the day America needs to build a better pipeline for the youth. I think the Florida / East Coast alignment is a great start (mini racing) but more needs to be done for the youth.
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    0D92AA51-5BF8-40F9-965E-28D3A5AC32B5.jpeg Can’t believe no one’s brought up Roxy Petrucci, the hot drummer from Vixen!
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  16. Mongo

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    Oh good lord, here we go again - what is your magical fix? Hell, for that problem tell us what the issue is with the current methods for kids to go pro?

    There is and has been a great setup for kids to go from minis to bigger machines and work their way up in an economically feasible manner to the world level. But of course everyone seems to either forget or willfully ignore that. Not to mention all of the stupid parents that want their kids who has raced minis for a few years to go pro racing right now with no sponsorship or experience on larger bikes or larger tracks because well their snowflake has the goods and once they're in the pro paddock sponsors will come flocking to them with no effort at all! We should be like Spain! We should be like Italy! We should be like Europe!
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    Depends on what they're doing in Europe. Compared to the club racing in Europe some classes in MA are a step up if they have the skills and connections to get a paid ride or to get their own sponsors to pay the bills. Other classes are time filling glorified club racing so it's give and take.
  18. FastByKids

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    Holy funk sticks, Merry Christmas Sean! There is nothing wrong with the "methods" other than Americans are completely uncompetitive once off of US race tracks. Who does America have to hang their hat on the World stage at the moment? Joe Roberts?

    I think some great strides have been made past few years. Getting kids off of dirtbikes chassis and onto mini GP machines has been a great start in my opinion. In a perfect scenario I'd like to see some much smaller mini tracks across the nation so kids get off of WOT and learn real race craft. I'd truly love to see the 125cc /250cc four stroke classes become more popular to bridge the gap between mini's to the 400's. (I know it won't happen)

    Yes, we are a few steps behind in developing World Class talent in America. So much so that kids are going to Europe to learn and gain experience.

    Nothing but love for you, but have a happy rest of Christmas.
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    You coming to be our neighbor in the woods down here?
  20. Sweatypants

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    side note to this... do you know if Max Biaggi retired to America? or he stopped coming over here and is just chillin in Italy? I can't tell from his insta, but I thought I remembered him saying he always liked coming to Malibu in the off season when he was still running.

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