Performance Enhancements Waiting to be Perceived!

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by videojack, Sep 19, 2021.

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    OK I officially will no longer accept criticism for Sheeplish

    The flock
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    videojack Racing for Therapy

    As if, A LEO?
  6. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    I Love Questions!
  7. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    I Love Questions! Does Charlie Y?
  8. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    I Love Questions!

    Does Charlie Y?
  9. videojack

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    It's As IF, We Have Kept the Secret, Hidden In Plain Sight;)
  10. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    I Love Questions!
    Does Charlie Y?
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    What Are the Odds, that You Are A "Bubble Head"?
  14. videojack

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    I Like Intelligent Questions!
    Hou's About Your Self?

    Would you create world peace?

    Yes! I AM Has perceived World Peace, Can You Perceive?

    "What are the odds", that This WILL DO THE TRICK?

    If the Benjamin Netanyahu, of Israel, was to:

    1. Announce His Self-Enlightenment

    2. Denounce Judaism, and Accept Jesus as His Savior, and Brother.

    3. At Great Lengths, Give Islam Great Praise, for having Perceived,

    Jesus as a Prophet, Mary/Maryam as the Mother of “Big Jesus”

    and Asked Islam for Forgiveness, for all the atrocities,

    that date back far enough, to have been documented in the Torah/Old Testament?

    “I AM OPEN to All Ideas, that Lead to World Peace, in a manner

    “Such that Not a Shot Need be Fired!”

    “AM I GOD? What Are the Odds of That?”

  15. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    Has My Idea Already Been Produced?
  16. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    there I was sitting in a bar, age 20, drawing my most amazing Mountainbike front suspension idea on a napkin just to get told by a stranger that Hossack came up with that about 80 years ago…
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  17. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    Thank you for turning me onto Norman Hossack.
    I do Believe Norman will be quite proud of My Discovery;)
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    Dear Jack,
    I believe that this post has pushed this thread beyond the point of redemption and relevance to vintage motorcycle roadracing. Your apparent rejection of reality, inane questions about the dark side of the moon and injection of religion has made this thread beyond useless as it no longer even has entertainment value. In all seriousness, do you have prescribed medications to balance your moods and have you been taking them? If the answer to either part of that question is no, then perhaps you need to see your primary care physician and get your chemistry straight.
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    Sorry.....I had Jack on "Ignore" setting.

    I love intelligent questions Jack. Yours do not qualify as "intelligent", sorry.....NOT.

    Ken, for the accurate real answers to some of your we go.....

    I was hoping to refrain from "going public", but I have given up.

    Run in with the law, as he walked the streets of downtown ATL naked (after giving his silverado away).....arrest, VA psyc ward, He was prescribed meds, did ok for alittle while. Went off them, and well, you another fellow racer and I, at Jacks mothers request, went and got him from the shack in the woods and he agreed to go back to the hospital! (there is hope!).....we drove him there, as he discussed using the "DNA" of CB350 cranks or bearings TO SLOW THE ROTATION OF THE EARTH to create 30 hr days.....we laughed, until we realized he wasnt joking.

    We arrive VA, and talk to doc (his mom on phone)....psychotic diagnosis..... Jack consents to admission, we leave (whew, thats a relief! we all thought he was on the right path. nope), gets admitted, THEN refuses treatment....walks out, self discharge, after days.....this was a few months ago.

    No meds since AFAIK, just living in the woods, literally naming the trees....and accusing the VA of torture and drug company conspiracies.

    Then the incident of him intentionally defacing / vandalizing a local church with no remorse, so he could get arrested on federal charges, which he did (im not a lawyer)......I still dont know how he got out, but he is representing himself in court, so obviously that will go well.

    Being as "closed-minded" as he is right now, there is not even a hint of open-minded that would allow him to absorb the remote "possibility" that this is all in his head.......seriously, he believes every word of his ramblings as "Reality" (Ive literally seen it face-to-face), when in "Real-Reality" (Jeez, WTF have I gotten into?) its all in his head. He will cling to snippets that may cross dimensions as proof of "His Reality"......its very sad.

    He refuses any treatment or meds, because, well, as you can see he is "GodJack", and in his mind "Things are finally as they should be!".....he is relishing in his insanity, and its sad.

    Its a sad situation. Jack has always been a good hearted guy, altho alittle "off"....but a good guy none-the-less.......he is gone as far as Im concerned.

    Not to drag anyone into this, but Phils earlier analogy is dead on, and your comments earlier......altho his "ideas" may be revolutionary, they are not new, and are not even remotely manufacturable, especially by a man living in a shack who has no Materials / Process knowedge or Engineering abilities.....they are all just "dreams".....I've tried this approach with him previously to no avail.

    He has obviously not hit bottom yet.....I hope he survives that, but I'm not optimistic unfortunately.

    Thanks for the heads up Dougie.......back to "Ignore Mode" for Jacks complete and utter BS.

    Like I said in my last text reply to Jack before I blocked him on my ph.........Jack, get help or die.

    Anyone here "trying to be nice", and not being direct, he grabs as support....which keeps him from bottoming out....vicious cycle.

    Goodbye Jack.....there are no desmo's on the dark side of the moon.

    Sorry for the ramble gents. This is a real situation for a longtime WERA racer, so please have a SPEC of respect and refrain from the cruel BBS jokes that this is begging for......that will not help.
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    The Koenigsegg TFG 2.0 liter @600 bhp "no cam pneumatic valve " looks pretty unique in regards to alternative valve actuation.
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