NOLA Trackday 3/3/12

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by ACDNate, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. ACDNate

    ACDNate Well-Known Member

    Got word today about a track day over at the NOLA Motorsports park kart track for mini's and motards. I believe they'll likely have karts there as well, but they'll run in seperate sessions. $50 for the day.

    A buddy went over a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed the track. Electric is still not in place in the kart paddock so bring a genny if you need tire warmers and what not. There has been a concessions trailer showing up for these track days I'm told.

    I'm going to try and make it but I'm moving this weekend and not sure I'll have time to prep a bike and get over there.
  2. Mook

    Mook Well-Known Member

    NOLA ???
  3. ToddClark

    ToddClark f'n know it all

  4. ACDNate

    ACDNate Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the Kart track that is.

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