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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by wheelz96, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

    Pneumatico Delle Vittorie Retired "Tire" Guy

    Not sure but do not use that tire!
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  2. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses gentlemen. I have already removed the tire but still a little butthurt by the whole thing. $200 is still cheaper then a new bike but really would like to know if this is something caused by me. I had the tires on warmers the whole afternoon when not on track and that's about all I can tell you. Bought the tires from a member and like i said they had the stickers still on them and date code was somewhere from 2017. No idea how they were stored.

    Thanks again guys..
  3. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    Next question,

    My first race will be 4/20 at Tally. At this point I am only planning on running in ASS. If I mounted up a new set of tires would that be something that could last the day? I'm not sure how many practice laps I will be getting and I think I have to do a mock race. Is a new set of hoops a good idea to start with and last through the day into my race? Or should I start with some older rubber for the morning practice and mount the fresh rubber for race? Whats the norm? I'm on a ZX10R and Tally isn't very tire friendly but just want to hear what others are doing...

    Also, what is the difference between Saturday (sportsman) races and Sunday? Am I allowed to run on Sunday being a PN?
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  4. connellcr3

    connellcr3 Member

    I think you need to change the title of this thread to Newb QuestionS. Hahaha
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  5. S Tsotsoros

    S Tsotsoros aka General Tso

    Difficult to answer the tire question without knowing your budget, riding style or pace so...

    I’m at the track to learn and have fun. I don’t have an unlimited budget and I’m not setting lap records. Start with a new front and a lightly used rear for practice and Mock Race. Put new rear on for ASS race.

    I’m the most competitive person you’ll ever meet, I have an unlimited budget and I’m running sub 1:00 laps. New front and rear for every session so you’ll always be operating from the same basis.

    I’m somewhere in between the two extremes. New front to start the weekend. Lightly used rear for practice. New rear for mock race. Flip rear before ASS. Note: ASS is usually immediately following Mock race so new tire for Mock Race and then straight into ASS

    I started racing at 47. The advice I received was only enter one or two races. First race event I entered 4. Was a great experience and I wouldn’t change a thing.

    I’ll be the only Racer in the paddock on an EBR 1190 which makes me pretty easy to find. #145. Stop by if you have any questions as I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.

  6. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    I think I will find myself in between the two extremes. Unlimited budget... NO. Competitive... YES. Starting off with new rear for mock race will be the plan. If I have time to flip I will, otherwise that will be the scenario for me. Will 4 laps really hurt me before race without a flip?

    I will take you up on your offer and introduce myself at Tally. I will be on a black ZX10 with crooked 196 number plates :).

    And Connellcr3 your welcome for asking the questions you have as well lol..
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  7. S Tsotsoros

    S Tsotsoros aka General Tso

    If you are Rossi or Marquez you might sacrifice a tenth or two but for us mortals, 4 laps won't be an issue.

    I'll look forward to meeting you.
  8. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    Im not worried about a tenth or two lol. I will be happy if I finish the race in one piece and run sub 1.05s! Just looking to have some fun and not worry about the small things. In my mid 30s and understand that I need to continue to work every week and racing is something I am fortunate to do!

    See ya track side and thanks for the advice!
  9. Jon Wilkens

    Jon Wilkens Well-Known Member

    Really depends on your you know what lap times you were running at your recent trackday? Your front should last you no problem, the rear may not. Flipping the tires at the end of the day for the next day is common at Tally.

    Sat and Sun are just different events with a different points structure. Sportsman points on Saturday, National points on Sunday...two separate deals.

    Oh...and it's almost race weekend!!!!
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  10. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    The only session I got any idea of lap times was my friends wife using her phone and told me best she got was a 1.05. I will be starting off with a new front and a used rear. Before mock race I will mount the new rear and hope for the best.

    Just looking to have some fun my first weekend and hoping to convince my wife to stay for Sunday races!

    Happy to get to know some of you and hope to have some coldies with ya end of day!
  11. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Fixed! Flip your tire at Lunch so it’s fresh on the left for the race then see how it looks after...
  12. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Just remember... you don’t need to win the mock race.... just stay up on 2.... now go Pin it to Win it!
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  13. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    If I win the mock race I'm packing up and calling it a weekend, mission accomplished! Lol understood.
  14. S Tsotsoros

    S Tsotsoros aka General Tso

    I’m pitted to the right of Stickboy (Bridgestone/Dunlop tire man Extrodinairre). Black trailer, grey (or gray) F150. Let me know if you need anything.
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  15. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to thank all members who helped me Saturday at the track and I had a blast! Ended up 5th in A SS and 4th in A SB. Bike still rolls straight and I learned so much! I will continue trying to get closer to the podium and making some new friends!

    Thanks for everyone's help! P.S. I won the mock race.... paid well too!;)
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  16. S Tsotsoros

    S Tsotsoros aka General Tso

    Getting through your first race weekend with the adverse and uncertain weather conditions says a lot about you. Good on you for carrying through with your plan.

    It was good to meet you.

    Welcome to the community
  17. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words and it was nice to meet you! Yea what a roller coaster with tire selection lol. I ended up not running my new slicks and turns out I should have kept them on all along lol. Live and learn. Biggest thing I realized on track is my consistency. I could run with the front runners but one little mistake cost 100 ft or so. Then I would try to hard to catch up and make more mistakes...

    What a great day though and look forward to getting to know more of the community and convince some local street guys to join the party!
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