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    As a senior track rider who forgot to try a 125gp bike until last year now love it the GOLDEN RULE of slow to apex fast out is impossible since with a 125gp bike momentum is the golden rule. Visualisation is the key as you say and calibrating to the scope of different classes of track bikes takes the time it takes but that's for sure part of the fun. I think more people could benefit from riding smaller bikes. Cheers!
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    There are 2 podcast topics in there and both are on my list.

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    Ken, first off thanks for the podcasts and for also answering my questions.

    Question for you and may be some others would be interested in this as well. When do you transition from trackdays to racing, is racing safer than track days. I am very comfortable being on a race track from my car racing but feel i need to work on some of my riding skills. When i do go to race i am not looking to race a modern day machine, i love the vintage machines and want to do some low key vintage races.

    The way i transitioned into racing cars was racing karts and then jumped into a race car from there. I know there is no golden rule as to when you should try a race but should there be some report cards i need to check off to make sure i am safe enough for myself and competitors.
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    I'm not Ken but I'll answer anyway - neither is safer or more dangerous than the other. Both have other riders who make mistakes and those can hurt themselves and others.

    For decades there were no track days and people went straight from the street to racing. If you can hold a consistent line you'll be just fine no matter how fast or slow you are. There's no checklist or need for one to go racing.
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    Thanks for tuning in to the podcasts!

    I already have on the to do list - "When should I start racing" and will get to it at some point. Your question of - is racing safer than trackdays - is really as Sean put it - neither safer nor more dangerous, as the dynamics of both change so rapidly and are based on so many different moving pieces.

    A thought about the safety aspect of racing is: Good riding fundamentals help offset unpredictable circumstances. While all aren't avoidable, being able to be proactive in your riding as well as see what others are doing, before it happens, helps massively.

    Vintage racing is a great way to go and for sure helps, as a big part of the competition is the spirt of the bike itself.

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    thank you both for the reply
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    I started straight into vintage racing. My first time on a track was with a bike I had zero experience on during a WERA race school. It really was a lot to take in. I had done track days in cars but never on a bike. I would recommend starting racing when ever you feel "comfortable". I put it into quotations because I feel it will always be nerve wrecking. I wish I had done a track day first, but I wouldn't let that keep you from going to race school. The vintage guys are incredibly supportive to new racers. Feel free to PM me if you need any help getting involved!
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