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Discussion in 'General' started by BigBird, Nov 30, 2020.

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    A thread to discuss MotoGP things that are happening before the start of the 2021 MotoGP Season.

    I'll start with a Taka Video, where he discusses why he puts so much pressure on himself
    "Taka Nakagami Last On The Brakes Podcast: being honest with yourself and learning from Marc Marquez"
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    In on page 1. In before @Metalhead. Oh and Rossi for giving us the swan song championship.
  3. BigBird

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    MotoGP riders predict the 2020 World Championship top 5 (Jul 2020)

    So much love for Vinales in 2nd....only if they knew. No one put Rossi Top 5, not even Rossi. No one had Mir.
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    in for the discussion
  5. motion


    That's crazy talk
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    I would've loved to have seen Nakagami be the 10th different rider to win a race in 2020! He was capable for sure, but as he pointed out, he put too much pressure on himself...completely understandable at that level! Next year may be ever harder for him to get his first win, let alone podium! With the likes of Quartararo, Binder, Oliveira, Morbidelli, and Mir all with at least one victory each, and the depth of previous top contenders already in the mix, I can't wait for 2021! Marc will have another challenging year, but in a different way. For me, 2020 was one of the most enjoyable seasons to watch in a long time. Great depth of talent from around the world, and a great mix of competitive machines!

    One of my greatest disappointments of the 2020 season was no race at Assen TT! The location has hosted a premier class race since 1949, and it was just sad to see that record/tradition come to an end.
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    Low-Carb...just like Suzuki....

    ~sent from mobile
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    Anything to get those billboard letters off the side.
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  12. Dave K

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    Guess I'll have to buy a can or two of their stuff. I preferred the Bull but got to go with the Suzuki flow.

    Will I have to ear tuck, flat bill and wear wife beaters after buying Monster?

    Wasn't there talk of Monster also backing American Racing in moto2? Not just the rider but the team?
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  14. BigBird

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    I like Rins, but that just makes sense. Unfortuantely, Boobs will be 29/30, and Suzuki only likes them young bois. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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  16. Dave K

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    Don't know. If Suzuki has a satellite team in 2022. . . but one of the reasons I've read (one of) Petronas' butt hurts towards Yamaha is that Petronas wants young up and comers and Yamaha moved Old Yeller over. There's also the way Yamaha treats it's satellite teams (cash cows, you pay now!).
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  17. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Kinda sorta. I like that they picked up a big sponsor and Monster seems to be a really good one but, I'm still hoping for more. I like Motul being on the bike but I'd also like to see someone like Vodafone/ Vodacom and IWC or Tag onboard.

    Okay, unrelated, who makes ECSTAR for Suzuki? I've heard Shell, Caltex, Pennzoil was tossed out and someone even said some of their products are done by Motul.
  18. BigBird

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    Monster is not going to be the title sponsor for Suzuki, so I guess it there will not be a Monster Yamaha and a Monster Suzuki.
  19. noles19

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    Monster will sponsor the vr46 Suzuki team next year I bet..
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