Mladin Charged with sex abuse - acquitted and found NOT guilty!

Discussion in 'General' started by GixxerBlade, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    You're neither rich nor famous.
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  2. HPPT

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    I was thrown out of the classroom in the sixth grade when the bitch sitting next to me accused me of releasing foul, toxic farts. Teacher came out to let me back in sometime later when it turned out that the farting continued after I was gone. That was too late. The damage was done. The trauma was real. I would have both of them slowly killed today still, if I could remember who they were and had the opportunity to get it done.
  3. pickled egg

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    The guy in sixth grade who could get himself kicked out of class for farting was held up as a fucking hero when I was in school.

    You kids are all too fucking soft.
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  4. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    In your case you surely deserved it for some other ill which you never got caught for.
  5. Dave K

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    That’s good shit, papa, or should I say good ass gas. Poo Pants Papa! The classroom farter!

    Papa thrown out of class for intentionally trying to make everyone sick with his turd vapors! News at 10!
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  6. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    So much irony here. :D
  7. dieterly

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    This didn’t age too well…
  8. dsapsis

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    Legal outcomes via courtroom "proof" are simply one measure of reality and truth. It sometimes gets undone, rendering its match with truth and reality tenuous at times. Jonathan Rauch is pointing his finger at the world.
  9. G 97

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    Meh, people behave and react in uncommon and strange ways when relationships end in divorce. From reading whats available it appears these charges, were stimulated in part as a result of a failed marriage and the collateral damage impacting some outside family members who apparently brought up said charges. The reality is how can he or anyone else control how someone else reacts, he can’t.

    Being a prick and making others not like you is an entirely different matter. I wouldn’t say his behavior creates anymore enemies when compared to other people who also engage in unwarranted or offensive behavior. I also don’t think that the action of being a prick somehow makes a person any more likely to have skeletons in their closet than anyone else - He’s simply a prick to some people. I’m not sure Karma is the correct or accurate take with this.
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  10. HPPT

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    I stand by what I said. See my post above about irony.

    p.s. You didn't think I said what I said back then just because he is a prick, did you?
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  11. Yzasserina

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    Hmmmm… quite a bit different than in the US… not so sure that’s accurate. Here, if you are found not guilty and are acquitted, jeopardy has attached. And the trial is on your record. In a dismissal, jeopardy has not attached and is usually done for technical reasons or because the judge has concluded there is insufficient evidence to proceed to or with trial. IOW, a verdict was not reached.
  12. Mongo

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    You sure about that? As far as I know not guilty is the verdict when you are acquitted. Dismissal of charges and such is entirely different and not a verdict at all.

    Eh, nevermind, I see the weird Aussie way of describing it you're responding to - yeah ours is different.
  13. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    I’m confused, you retyped what I typed, lol.
  14. R1M370

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    Your avatar makes more sense now. :D
  15. Mongo

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    I read WAY too quickly... :crackup:

    Shouldn't load for the track and try to read the BBS at the same time :D
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  16. HPPT

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    :crackup:I take pride in the loud ones. I don't want to be accused of the sneaky, smelly ones.
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  17. G 97

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  18. Agree. Know of someone who was falsely accused to something that shouldn’t have even made it to an arrest if police would have done even minimum due care. Once it hit the DA it didn’t go any further but the bell still has a slight ring to it to this day for the people that make the choice to hear it. The biggest issue I have with all of this is the people that are clearly making false accusations have little to no repercussions. Not all are that cut and dry because people react differnt to different situations ie - what some may consider a situation where they are in fear to get hurt or for their life others are sitting there laughing. I’m talking about pretty blatant ones that people are clearly making it up. Most prosecutors office are so over booked they don’t have time to pursue any more charges so choose not to file against the other person and let it be dealt with on the civil side if the now victim of a crime chooses to take legal action. It can throw a damn good wrench in someone’s life plan, seen it happen.
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  19. If it was illegal they’d probably re-open Alcatraz for me :)
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  20. “Not even the same league, not even the same f ing sport”

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