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    Hi everyone!
    This will be the schedule for MIMRA track days.
    I have provided for a variety of days of the week, and a couple evenings, as we always have folk with work, family, and distance issues.
    The prohibitive cost of track rental without a firm committment by everyone to show up means that
    all dates are shared practices with Karts.
    Cost at ELKT will be $10 admission $20 per rider.
    Cost at JS (Jackson Speedway) will be $12 admission and $10 to practice.
    We can schedule racing on Kart race days at both tracks but I have NOT done so.
    Racing at JS would cost the $12 +$20 and would include: two practices, two heat races, one final race, and trophies.

    4/15 Sun EL 10-5pm
    4/28 Sat JS 9-5
    5/12 Sat EL 10-5
    5/25 Fri EL 10-5
    6/9 Sat EL 10-5
    6/21 Thu JS 6-10:30pm
    7/8 Sun EL 10-5
    7/29 EL Sun 10-5
    8/11 EL Sat 10-5
    8/23 JS Thu 6-10:30pm
    9/15 EL Sat 10-5

    If you see a way to improve on this schedule I would welcome the input.
    Please forward this to anyone with an interest in MIMRA. I do not have email addresses for John Brier, or "fast Frank".


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