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Discussion in 'General' started by britx303, Aug 8, 2022.

  1. britx303

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    Searching for round steel pipe/tube with an exact 1-1/2” I.d. And schedule 10 or lighter. Not SS though. No TIG here, so it’ll have to be stick’d with the old tombstone. Trying to find a good supplier and searching keeps showing plumbing pipe…….not what I need or want. Any help for a good source is much appreciated!! Thanks!!
  2. bullockcm

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    What is the tolerance on that ID? I think that may drive your choice.
  3. wheelz96

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    Schedule 10 tubing does not come in a 1.5" I.D. I believe schedule 80 comes with 1.5" I.D.
    What are your tolerances for O.D. and I.D"? I may be able to order you something close...
  4. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    Schedule 10 steel piping will come in 1.442" I.D. or 1.682".
  5. ChemGuy

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    Pipe sucks. Can you use tube?

    1.75 od X .125 wall tube would give you a 1.5ID. Wall thickness is ~+/- .003 or so. And with ERW the seam can be a little off as well.
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    Zip guns?
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    upload_2022-8-8_16-56-3.jpeg ;):D
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    Please post up some photos when completed!
  13. britx303

    britx303 C.Thomas is Monica!!

  14. bullockcm

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    You may not care or the convenience of McMaster may out weight the difference. In my experience though for “common” material McMaster is priced considerably higher than other sources both online and particularly local. They do make it easy and ship quickly though.
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  15. JCW

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    I live within 20min of their warehouse.
    I've been known to use them in a pinch but yeah... generally overpriced.
  16. Mud Whistle

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    Always overpriced, but they have just about everything and get it to you the next day.

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