LRRS Round 4 - Savvas Kosmidis #508 Race Report

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    If feels good to be fast :)

    Loudon Road Race Series Round 4 - Savvas Kosmidis 508

    I needed this weekend more than words can describe. Last race weekend was very stressful for me and followed by a lot of challenges at the new job my stress level was above normal. On top of that I missed the HillClimb race, the Jersey Round 2, and the Flat Track event that my friends attended.
    But I had a new to me camper trailer provided my good old friend Bob P.
    I was expecting an awesome experience sleeping in an Air-Conditioed environment on a regular mattress.

    Loaded up the bikes Thursday night after work and headed to the track. Arrived a bit later than I wanted but I unloaded quick and went to bed around 11pm.

    I decided to sing up for the penguin Advanced School. I had done the track walk with Eric Wood and I knew how valuable it was to me. At the same time I had done major changes in the suspension and geometry of the Kawasaki EX650 since the previous set up was not working for me at all. Trying to change your riding technique on a bike that is behaving totally different than what you are used to is usually recipe for disaster. First session follow the leader must had an average speed of 20mph so I was not able to get a feel of what the bike is doing at all. However the classroom time was great. Eric really know his stuff and he has been doing this for a while now so he can deliver his message in a great way. Next sessions I was able to figure out that the bike is working amazing and i could work on the things that Eric was teaching. Overall I was very happy from what I was learning, mostly because I am now at a level of riding that I can understand and apply what I am told to do. The day went by quick yet I was exhausted and i wanted to do my best riding this weekend so I went to bed early.


    I was up bright and early. I had two target corners to work on during practice and that was it for me. I had the whole GTL race to piece everything together after that. I went out for practice and my good friend and competitor Sam Greenwood #228 was right there. I hang with him for a while and pulled in with a few minutes left. I looked at the board and there was my name right behind Sam with 1:19.3! wow that is a bit fast considering I wasnt pushing at all and actually that was the fastest I have ever gone on the EX.

    Race #2 - GTL

    I was gridded in the 2nd row for this. I got an awesome start wheeling the first 3 gears, passing the entire first row on one wheel (Chain Wheel Moto guys took an amazing photo of this!!!) and went into T1 first, well that didn’t last long, Rick Doucette #6 and pete Gaboriault #81 went by me right away. I stayed with them for a while until Sam Greenwood #228 and David Dayon #22 passed me as well. I put my head down and tried to stick with them as much as I could. I never lost sight of them and kept them within a few corners. During last round I had noticed Sam had a hard time going through traffic and was getting really tired towards the last 3 laps of GTL. I tried to save my energy and make my move then! Sam however had a different plan and has grown to be an amazing racer (well with a father like his its the least I would expect, - Scott feel free to adopt me any day you want). Sammy and Dayon kept their pace all the way to end so I finished the race in 5th place. My best expert GTL finish to date :)

    Finished 5th with a best lap of 1:18.770 (Personal best ever… for now)

    Race #7 - LWGP

    I was gridded in the 3rd row for this. I got another amazing start and went in T1 behind Rick Doucette for a very quick red flag right of the gate, left arm up and pray someone doesn’t take me out as well. Made it all the way back to the grid for the restart. I got another great start but really messed my line up into T1 and Sam Withman #215 got very close trying to pass me, which caused me to run while and allowed another 4-5 bikes to go by as well. I was 15th I think. I once again put my head down and worked as safe and well as I could. I felt the rear of the bike sliding every time i was coming out of T2 and T12 but I figured i was just still adding bar input while finishing the turn. I made it to 10th place where I had Harlan Hidebrand and Sam Withal in sight but not enough time to catch them.

    Finished 10th with a best lap of 1:19.9

    Saturday night I was at the awards supporting all the people who worked really hard to get some trophies this weekend. Cheering for all my friends and even people I don’t know made me realize how much I miss being on that podium every weekend. I will work hard and I will get back to that level as soon as I can. The rest of the night was some quiet time with a very closed circle family/team dinner and good laughs.
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    I had the wife, the sister and the best friend come up to the track so I was very excited to see them. I was also expecting a lot of rain so that kinda threw me off. Woke up the sound of rain early in the morning. I unloaded the loyal SV650 (ZerO SpeedWerks) and threw fresh Pirelli Diablo Rain Tires on it. The weather was really weird and I decided its best to keep my options open. I am glad that everybody missed on buying this amazing bike so now i still get to use it :P
    With the SV650 on rains and the Kawasaki EX650 on Pirelli DOTs and warmers i help my transponder until 2nd call to decide which bike I will ride. The time kept going and the track kept drying, very quick.
    Racers were coming in from the races with completely toasted rain tires. At that point it was obvious! DOTs it was.

    Race 4 - Light Weight SuperBike

    I was gridded in 3rd row for this one. I got my worst start of the weekend and went into T1 in 6th place. I held on it for most of the race until the slides out of T2, T3-4, and T12 really became uncontrollable. Sam Greenwood went under me on the brakes of T3 and next lap I almost highsided myself to the moon and I could have taken Steve Heider with me coming out of T4. I was able to somehow save that insane slide and just kept a steady (aka slow) pace for the rest of the race. Coming into the pits the problem was obvious, rear tire was TOAST! well good thing we had lunch break and I am garaged at the Pirelli garage. Fresh set of SuperCorsa V2 please :)

    Fininished 8th with a best lap of 1:19.9

    Race 6 - SuperTwins

    This class is shrinking every weekend, yet I usually have a blast racing with the much bigger bikes ( Ducati 1098, 749 etc) and when i was an Amateur I did my best times in this one, well expert has been no different so far. I got a great start and stuck with the leaders and big bikes. I kept a steady pace and finished in 4th place. Nothing memorable in the race other than the fact that I had my best ever performance at NHMS. 6 out of my 8 laps were in the 18s!!!! Consistent times are much better than one time wonders :)

    finished 4th with a best lap of 1:18.500 (so close to 18.4)

    Race #11 - Thunderbike

    I didn’t have much to give on this one. I was so happy for my great racing so far, I just wanted to finish and head home to rest. However Ted Temple and David Dayon were in that race and I knew they could drag me into the 17s if i stuck with them. I got a beast start and went in T1 in second place. I was able to stay in 3rd or 4th until coming out of T12 there was a yellow bike right in the middle of my line as I am going at it in full speed and max lean (for me). I miss it by a few inches and the race gets red flagged. That really did spook me and unfortunately I wasnt able to shake it off. I don’t remember how the rest of the race played out to be honest, with the exception of one terrifying moment in T9 that my suit “grabbed” instead of the knee slider (there is nothing left on the left side from it) and almost ripped me off the bike.

    Finished 6th with a Best lap of 1:19.7

    Packed, hugged everybody and headed home. It was an incredible weekend but of course it wouldn’t end 100% for me :( as soon as I parked the trailer (6 attempts back and fourth) the ambulance started leaking transmission fluid :( i caught it right away and shut it off. Once it shut off the leak stopped. Which i assume is a good thing. Hopefully is something cheap to repair and won’t affect my future plans. I know for sure that this kills any last change I had to race Summit Point in August :( maybe even puts Daytona Race of Champions in danger depending on the cost to fix it. Yet i will keep my head up and i am very satisfied with the weekend.

    I want to thank all the corner worker and track staff who put in the extra work in this very long weekend with crazy weather conditions.

    Massive thank you to all my sponsors for their great support and for having faith in me:
    Alexander Academy, Butler Performance Machining, Meze Greek Tapas & Grille, DNA High Performance Filters, Dyno Solutions, SportBike Track Gear, Bell Helmets, AXO Racing Gear, Souhegan Valley Motorsports & Scott Mullin, Spears Racing, Woodcraft, TechnoMoto Racing LTD, Pirelli Tires, Tony’s Track Days, 434 Racer, Brunetto T-Shirts, Vortex Racing, GoPro Cameras.

    18s was a big accomplishment for me. I believe if I had stuck with the SV that goal would have been accomplished earlier. Switching bikes again and riding a bike that was not properly set up for me really delayed it. However it did happen :) Looking back to how I got here (Crashing GSXRs at track days because I had no idea what I was doing, to win everything as an Amateur and now battling the top experts) made me very emotional. I still have a long way to go that is for sure, but it is also guaranteed that i will work as hard as I can. I will study more on riding techniques, I will be hitting the gym harder and i will start riding bicycles.
    I am more motivated than ever (I wish my finances could support my desires and goals *if you want to become a sponsor feel free to reach me directly).
    I just want to take a moment to Thank some people who really have made a difference.

    Mike Kurtz who really took me under his wing when I knew nothing about racing and working on bikes. I know i have came a long way since day one and I really owe all of it to you.
    Mike Weyant who invested so much time in teaching me how to wrench and always is around to give me a hand and teach me something new.
    Adam Butler who made sure I have a solid bike to race this year and has taken up all the mechanical and engineering load of prepping us for the Isle of Man adventure.
    Keith Draghi who I travelled and learned new track with this year.
    Bill Tanz (aka 6ZerO SpeedWorks) who sold me the most solid bike I own and became an incredible coach and friend. Also member of the Isle of Man crew since day1.
    GIno Berrio hands down the definition of “Friend who become family”. From Daytona to Isle of Man and everything in between Gino has taken the role of coach and teacher more than anybody else :)

    There are many more but I will save them for future race reports ;)

    and I really want to thank each one of you who support and follow my racing. You add so much to it with your support, love and positive energy. This is a long trip but it is an amazing one. Stay tuned the best days are ahead.

    Sav #508

    YEAH! that happened. Massive shoutout and thank you to chainwheelmoto for taking the shot <3 :)

    Bad ending to an awesome weekend
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    So which is the correct spelling? Savas or Savvas?
    I'd like to thank Mike Kurtz of the MTAG Neighborhood Association for coming up with the adapter cords to enable all of us to have plenty of electricity. It was touch and go the first weekend with the space heaters and refrigerators popping the circuit breakers.
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    both are right Jonny.
    I wont be at that spot any more so you wont have any issues like that
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    Things were fine last weekend with the adapters and all. Mongo, just for the public record, I didn't tell him to move or anything. (Inside joke, Sav.)
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    When do you announce where you're migrating to?
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    You haven't guessed it yet?
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    Bah... stupid FB... was following your page but never saw the big reveal post in my feed.

    Nice score with CMP. I've half joked about talking them up after playing roving tech for the CMP north garage a couple times at the track... They need a wrench in there, bring your toolbox and start buying Haynes and Clymer manuals. :D

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