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    Lines selection. Where did you guys learn the diff lines around the track.I know the fast line around summit but I hear people talk about a defensive line. Is there a methodology that applies in general to defending or is it somthing that comes instintually.
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    A "defensive" line is just one that has you entering the corner a bit shallower (aka more to the inside) than normal - you give up corner speed and braking time in order to make sure that you don't let anyone come inside of you on corner entry.

    It's the opposite of a "late apex" line, which has you go deep and leaves you wide open to an inside pass, but sets you up better to get someone on the exit.
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    Chris good stuff! while we're on the subject a decreasing radius turn can get tricky would we apply the same concept? Thanks in advance
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    before i visit a track i've never been to, i find a map of the course. i study it by breaking it down into three sections. the breaks do not interfere with the flow of the track, i.e., the front straight almost always has a break in it at the beginning, middle, or end. the rest of the course gets two more breaks to make the total of three sections.
    this can do a number of things for you.
    first off, you kinda know how the track goes before you get there.
    second, you have a diagram on which to make notes about your line and any reference points you may encounter.
    third, when you're having an issue on the track that seems to be line related, you can look at that section on your map and see if you could take that section with a different may be your line screwin' you up.
    fourth, after the day is said and done, you have a record of the track for future reference and pondering.

    josh hayes was paraphrased years ago about how he found a particular line on a new track. he said, "i just rode around in the middle."
    i guess it becomes obvious what the line should be.

    not to condescend but, i think talkin' about defensive lines might be a bit too much too soon. just understanding why a fast line is a fast line is enough to contemplate. once you figure out that line, it'll be so much easier to understand how to defend it.
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    been mentioned over and over by people with extensive experience... track walk and reference points seem to be the biggest help.
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