KTM105 set up for track

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by Murfalert, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Murfalert

    Murfalert Member

    Fresh, ready for anything 2008 KTM105XC. Less than two hours on complete rebuild with ProX rod, rebuilt crank, Vertex piston. Large front brake set up, brand new wheels and slicks for asphalt racing plus dirt wheels in 16” and 19”. Suspension set up for 180-205#. FMF pipe, gearing selections, some spares. I built this to race at MidPond and for the Barber Small Bore Days in early June. But family health issues require me to be healthy, and 1.5 hours into my first track day I already broke a collarbone and rib so this bike better go (I’m 61 and evidently very fragile).
    Bike is in mid Alabama but I can probably help with delivery. Hit me up for pics.
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  2. Murfalert

    Murfalert Member

    I did manage one image.
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  3. ScottyRock155

    ScottyRock155 A T-Rex going RAWR!

  4. Murfalert

    Murfalert Member

    Sorry; $2900
  5. Murfalert

    Murfalert Member

    Ok, how’s $2600?
  6. 2wheeldev

    2wheeldev Well-Known Member

    Looks fun!!

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  7. Murfalert

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  8. Billy B

    Billy B Active Member

    If I didn't already have one of these I'd buy this one. Bump for a sweet deal on a great bike
  9. nsouza707

    nsouza707 Well-Known Member

    Man I wish, that thing looks like a blast. 2 strokes are the best!
  10. Murfalert

    Murfalert Member

    I’ve just spent $650 on wheels, $300 on slicks, and $300 in the fron brake set up. I’d sell the brake, wheels, and tires for $600 plus shipping.
  11. Murfalert

    Murfalert Member

  12. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking Well-Known Member

    Clean title? And ability to get it up to Pennsylvania? I'm interested.
  13. Murfalert

    Murfalert Member

    Sorry, it’s a dirt bike with no title.
    I can get it to Harlan, KY or Sardinia, OH.

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