Importing bike from UK?

Discussion in 'General' started by rcarson15, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. rcarson15

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    Hey all, my dad asked me to post up about information needed to import a bike from the UK. He's interested in this Honda CB1100 RS 5Four.. what does he need to know to potentially import one of these? Is he even able to purchase a bike from a UK Honda dealer? What other pitfalls, emission testing, shipping, or any other unforeseen expense that might be included in this? Any other info?

  2. 88/532

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    Speedwerks might be able to help with info. He posts here occasionally.

    Rising Sun Cycles might be able to help also, they at one time imported a lot of bikes.
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  3. Ducti89

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    This. Steve Long at Speedwerks has plenty of import/export experience. And hey, he’s English to boot.
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    It's more complicated than that. Speedwerks imports older model bikes that are not held to emissions and there are year exemptions involved.
    Importing a modern bike will take some serious work to get street legal
    1) You will need either a title or MSO -- If it is a Euro MSO or Euro Title your state will probably not accept it. I have not fond one that will, but you will need it for customs clearance
    2) Buy the bike and import it as race only -- it avoids emissions
    3) Find a good shipper with good customs realtionships I use Bill Timpano he races in the NE and has cleared several bikes for me
    4) Air Freight that thing, yes its expensive but customs does not look at it as closely
    5) If you have a corporation import it under the corporation name, customs likes that
    5) Find a state that is easy to title dirtbikes converted to street and get it done that way
    6) I use Montana for all my imported rally bikes --
  6. ducatiracer

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    I imported a race bike from Canada recently, so I have a fresh perspective. To import a contemporary motor vehicle into the US, you must satisfy two sets of requirements. First, DOT safety requirements. Take a look at DOT form HS-7. It describes the options for satisfying this requirement, and it will need to be completed and accompany the bike when presented for importation. Second, the bike will need to satisfy EPA emissions requirements. Take a look at EPA form 3520. It describes the options for satisfying this requirement, and it will need to be completed and accompany the bike when presented for importation. Both DOT and EPA have made available on-line guides for importing vehicles into the US. Its a major PITA. Since my bike is decidedly not street legal, I didn't have to deal with any state registration requirements but they'll need to be satisfied too if legal plates are intended.
  7. Critter

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    Nope once you got it in the states, set up a Montana LLC fill out a one page form and BOOM bobs your uncle and you are done....You can do the same on Colorado as well
  8. Odd so many race vehicles are from Montana but no racers :)
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    Tennessee let's you register and get tags for sxs's for street use.
  10. Phl218

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    Ship it in parts.

    most importantly, engine in different box than frame

    then Montana or whatever state for title
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    Yep, it's not regarded as a vehicle doing it this way, just motorcycle parts. That's how I got my bike over, mind you that was eighteen years ago.
  12. motion


    I did this with a Yamaha TA125 racer. Came in 2 wooden boxes. BTW, there are a few racers here :)
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