!!! I'm having vintage withdrawal !!!

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by nutzandboltz, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. nutzandboltz

    nutzandboltz Well-Known Member

    Hey there, Josh Smith-Moore here and I miss riding vintage! In 2002 I raced an essentially stock Yam RD350 to win the Formula RD Championship and place second in the Formula 500 Championship without ever putting the bike down in my first ever season! After that, I went straight to expert 600 class in the wera nationals and believe it or not, finished fifth overall last year. That year I was picked up to ride with B&S Endurance and this year were fighting for first place in the Mid. Weight Superstock class with multiple podiums!
    Anyway, enough with the schmooze and run down, the point is that I'm enjoying modern racing, but I've been missing the backfires and bucking suspension of the old stuff! If anybody has a lead on a bike that needs a rider in any class, let me know; I'll guarantee them a crash free weekend and hopefully a trophy or two! I don't even need to race it, just want to put a few laps on something like I started on for old times sake. Thanks, and keep the rubber side down!

    Oh yeah, and I'm also looking to get a few laps either on a flat tracker or a super motard to help me out with sliding the rear on the track. I'd be happy to compensate in any way possible. thanks again!

  2. Diesel

    Diesel Well-Known Member

    Hey... it's mini-Schwantz!!! How's it going mang? Hope you get a ride for a few races! How about your dad, where's he been?
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  3. evilhordewannabe

    evilhordewannabe Well-Known Member

    Hey Josh, good to hear from you, and congratulations on your success. Come back and play in F-500 anytime...Now about that essentially stock RD. Charles may be just a bit upset to learn that the superduper, national championship winning RD he bought is essentially stock....:Poke: Just messing with you man. Again, good luck and keep in touch. I hope you get out on the track with us this year.
  4. nutzandboltz

    nutzandboltz Well-Known Member

    Sorry bout the wait for a reply, I've been working like crazy to make some money for the next race. (Even did yard work for the girlfriend's parents, ugh) I haven't been to bad. Started college last year and am enjoying it. Had one motorcycle accident. Spent a year rebuilding an fzr600 and had it for only 4 days before somebody made a right turn from the left hand lane and ran me over. Wouldn't have been too bad if the first race of the year wasn't 2 weeks away with me in the emergency room, lol. But I made it.

    My dad is doing well. Trying to take over at his work and build a racebike at the same time. He's trying really hard to put together an sv650 for himself. I hope he gets it done, but first it was the front end and now the engine quit so we'll see.

    Anyway, when I say stock I mean engine wise. I never was way up on power, but that's everyone's story right? lol. I hear Charles is doing pretty well on it though? I sure hope so anyway. Got to run, work is calling again.....

    GOOBER Well-Known Member

    Ahh, yes !! ......the smith-moore syndrom is alive and well, 2 full decades later !!

    Josh, you never met me.....but your dad and I raced a 73 RD350 he got for I think $175 from the basement of libertyville Yamaha !!

    We had stock shocks with stock footpegs and all !!! We got 3rd I think in a 4 hour endurance race in 500 class in 81 ?? he had MX leathers and work boots.....and burned the boots through to his socks !! It was quite a wrestling match....us verses the stock RD !!!

    Later....say Hi to Rich for me.....Jeff Zalatoris
  6. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Charles not upset, bike good, now not so stock, will see how goes, maybe Josh ride'em...

    Charles #90
  7. nutzandboltz

    nutzandboltz Well-Known Member


    hey jeff! My dad has talked about you before. you should give em a call. You know whats really funny is that those motocross leather you guys were racing in made it all the way down those 20 years and I rode in them to a championship! Go figure. I looked like mad max, lol. Anyway his number is 314-378-5419. He'd love to hear from you.

    GOOBER Well-Known Member

    Jeeezz , Josh !!
    You may be the only WERA RD champion that won in leathers that were older than the rider !!! :beer: NOW THATS TRUE VINTAGE STYLE !!!!

    If your dad woulda held on to some of those RD 350 parts....we coulda made my 350 tech legal and tossed it into action!!

    Its mostly ready now.....not a podium contender, but a solid trackworthy cafe racer right now. All 3 of us should put one together and endurance race it !!!

    Hey....tell rich theres a sweet Honda cb 360 in the neighbors scrapheap callin his name !! :rolleyes: :Poke: Later Jeff

    GOOBER Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah......now that I think of it arent those the antique leathers that required several yards of duct tape at the bottoms to "Connect" em to your dads work boots each time ya put em on ?!?!?! LOL :clap: :p
  10. nutzandboltz

    nutzandboltz Well-Known Member

    Yep, those are them, but I had a new zipper put in and boots that went high enough to cover em. lol. They were interesting. Worked real well and i'd still be wearing them if I hadn't worn the knees off by Road Atlanta. As for endurance racing, he's putting together an sv650 but I'm not sure exactly what his plans are for it. Anyway, have to hit the sack for class tomorrow. Keep in touch. Josh.

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