I know this sounds crazy but hear me out.....

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by fonzy, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. fonzy

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    Long story as short as i can , i live far away from any real track , Gimli is 9 hours plus no real vintage racing and nothing in Edmonton, ( track yes , vintage no) I play with my KZ650 on some small tracks locally which is fun but no racing and this bike is a bare to hustle in the tight stuff, so my thoughts are to figure out something cool and old to run in their 250 class , ( ninja 250's cbr ect ) i recalled the article where Dave Moss created a 450 out of a 600 4 , Could i create a 2 cyl out of a GPZ 550 ? using the same recipe? just not sure what to do anout the carbs.....
  2. JBall

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    Disconnect a coil and find out...

    Serious answer is no, it will not work. I know a guy who built an R4.5 and it took a lot of work. Can't imagine a 2/4 cylinder engine would work. Get a 250. They're cheap.
  3. Harry V. III

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    Carbs would be the only thing easy to do.

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