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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by NerdSr, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. NerdSr

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    Does anyone know of someone who could do a proper valve job on a 350? Im trying to get my son's 350 running better - he runs it sometimes in WERA. It was built by Mike Wells. Somehow it got moisture in one cylinder so I put in new valves (among other things) but this was right before Mid-O so I didn't have time to send the head to someone who could grind in the valves and seats correctly. I just lapped them in. It ran OK but seemed a little off. Now trying to get it done right this winter so he can run it this season. I was hoping someone on here would know where to send a vintage head. Thanks for your help.
  2. Buell1965

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    Hi nerd . Waited for someone to chime in and although me and some friends will be running our cb 350s this year I have no clue who would be a go to on headwork since mine is stock . I would suggest joining the ahrma swap meet face book page as they have a alot of folks that know about stuff like that and it's also a cool page. Good luck
  3. Buell1965

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    Hey the back of my ahrma mag..riches taylor porting service. Leeds Utah
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    I've been watching here for info......This is a demonstration of how large the hole is that Mike Wells passing and Bill Moellers retirement has left in our small contingent.

    The AHRMA suggestion is a good one......I have heard the names Rob Hall and Eric Cook several times. I know Eric, but have not met Rob......There is also the "Miller Boys" friend from "Rebel Dog Cycles", but I'm not sure of his capabilities, nice guy tho......I know Eric does alot of their motor work.

    Buff may also have a suggestion.....but aint seen him around much anymore either.

    Good luck sir!......I'm sure there are others out there, its fairly basic stuff......when you do find someone, and you are happy, please post it up here.

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    Rob Hall or Eric Cook would be who I would suggest. There are also the Gianini (sp?) boys up in NY that do some wild stuff.. Rob and Eric are both highly respected builders.
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  7. joec

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    Theres a guy on eBay with a shop who does them and he gives you a time line and live updates on his cue. I'll try to find his info. But you can look there.
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  10. joec

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    Marshall sends his heads to him with no complaints. That's where mine will go.
  11. Harry V. III

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  12. NerdSr

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    Many thanks to everyone for all the replies. They were very helpful. I'll get this head sent off to somebody very soon. CharlieY - your comment was spot on concerning Bill Moehler and Mike Wells, especially for people like me who live in that area. I used to send cylinders to Bill and would have sent this head back to Mike Wells as he had built the bike but since his passing I am forced to look for other folks who can keep the vintage stuff running at a high level. Glad to hear there are still several shops that can do this work. Thanks again,
  13. ducnut

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    Gordy Roth in IN
    (812) 459-5657

    JD Hord in OH
    (419) 563-0348
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    Didn't know that Hord did that work. Good to know for our collection of 350s.
  15. ducnut

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    He builds engines, so I’m pretty certain he can do something so basic. I’ve been to the shop where he does a lot of machine work, but, one would need to contact him and see if he’s up for it.

    Gordy, for sure, does that kind of work and has an excellent reputation in the vintage community.

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