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    As stated in the previous post the SRADs are not easy bikes to find parts for.
    I post an ad here last year a man contacted me and sent me pictures of let's say.. 30 boxes of Yoshimura name it he has it, I mean anything & everything, Yes on dry clutches as well , he told me the dry clutches he had were in house yoshimura models and we're the (only) ones that could be adapted . All of the factory dry clutches need engine cases cranks etc specific to the each racebike and class it was supplied to.
    speaking with him he told me they just will not work with a production engine he was adamant that under any circumstances everything is custom factory one-offs. basically he had world superbike shocks forks triples swingarms etc but the frame had to be specific to the swingarm which had to be specific to the shock which had to be specific to the rear rim and Axle etc nothing is interchangeable without a talented Machinist..even the Kwik fill tanks in the bodywork everything's different than a production bike, he said the SRADs were unlike most previous GSXRs bikes , as theywere full factory effort race bikes made to (look) like street bikes.
    Every SRAD bike of (every) year was different than the other, and noted parts from WSB through AMA were NOT interchangeable easily between the bikes.
    I'm certainly no expert..not even close you guys confuse me with gear length of shafts but this gentleman is and he should know I don't want to say too much.. but he's from the originator.
    I was able to source a mounYosh hight (production bike) race exhuast from him. I'm very happy about that... Trying to get more parts... But I have a feeling I may not be in that buyers club $$$$$$$$.
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    I’ll bet we both know the same guy. He’s a good friend of mine, I’ve seen myself what you mention. SRAD info and parts are out there. What appeared to be a SRAD XR0 dry clutch on Chaotic is an idjit... a year and a half ago. XR0 parts pop up on Fleabay now and again.

    The 93-95 750W stuff is virtually non existent, info for sure. That’s my issue right now. I’ve spent countless hours searching the net and turned up only the “tuning” manual. Nothing on Suzuki Race Parts. The only thing that appears from time to time is a racebike with kit parts, and you never know if what’s being said about that is real until the motor gets torn down.
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    Correction for above. No clue on that autocorrect. Nothing I actually wrote.

    Should have read appeared to be a dry clutch on Chaotic is an a year and a half ago.
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    Rich, Yes, all four of the contact/screw areas are angled (same as your left outer cover) on the 86RG.
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    Thanks for checking. I have a couple of them with the flat “non angled” surface and no idea of what generation cover they fit.
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    I am afraid I just took it apart enuff to inspect the plates and clean it up (for looks)....I didnt remove the inner/outer baskets, so I dont know about the shafts etc.
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    It’s been months with hours of hunting for W kit/works info, and nothing has turned up. I know enough that none ran WSB except 1 in 95, which leaves them basically run either here or Japan. I’m aware of only 2 survivors of Yosh days, Merkel’s and rumor has it Stevens was given one by Yosh. I can’t find anything more except an odd picture or article here and there. I’m aware that some of the and collars are shared by the 33E and W trans. I have the Sport Rider article (the actual issue Feb 96 I think) and Cycle World did an article in 96 on the 95 bike. I’ve been taking pictures of every generation of GSXR dry clutch that I can find on the net. Still not enough to really help. It’s learning the hard way.

    So...finally got the chance to spread the trans gear pile out. I spent 4 hours sorting. The 3/4 cluster gear is a nightmare to sort, and I have a pile. 16 different combos for that, 3 degree cut for a W works trans, works needle bearing shafts and all. I’ll upload a picture or 2 when I can resize it, something I don’t known how to do on my phone. Had a copy of the 96 -99 factory Racing Parts catalogue in hand as I did the stacking. I had street W trans shafts on the table as they came out of a motor. Figured that was better than nothing. Also had a copy of the W trans and the shop manual nearby.

    Good thing is I can assemble more than 1 trans. The pile has A-D gearing, which is unusual for works Suzuki to my knowledge. Way different ratios than stock, noted what they are as stamped into the gears. A-C is works norm, with an odd D set thrown in here or there. 2004 offering from Yosh in the Racing Parts flyer they produced, and I believe they did the same for the 2010 bikes with 1 or 2 D gears added to full racks of A-C. They had A-C for first, and D across 2-6th for the W. Isn’t that way for the 33E/XR05+ generation, catalogue says so anyway.

    Why all the above? Problem is, my pile of gearing is short 2nd gear on the basket shaft.

    So....any of you old timers out there know anybody that might have had their hands on a W dry in their past? Or anybody hoarding a pile of early dry clutch stuff that would be willing to share pictures of? I’m aware of at least 2 different oil cooled baskets. I can’t find a good picture of a W dry clutch uncovered enough to figure out which basket was used on it.
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    Email the picture to yourself and you’ll be able to re-size it that way.
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    Sucks when life gets in the way of the important stuff. New electrical box in the 40 year old house took up the better part of the last couple of days of my free time.

    Silver centered basket is XR05+, 96-99 factory (Yosh ran this in 2000 also) and kit parts available for the 33E 750.

    The gold centered basket is for the oil cooled. I am not sure how many generations of oiler baskets there were. I am aware of the original 86 basket, and this. There may be more than 1 basket variation for the 88-92 gen.

    Obvious differences in them. Thinner basket. Inner basket different. No clue what the difference is in plates or other.

    The other 2 pictures are out of the 94 or 95 Yosh catalog, don't remember which. The inner basket looks more like the 96 unit. 3 holes in the outer edge between the spring galleys. I can't find a picture of the W basket undressed anywhere. Actuator similar to the oiler (not surprising given the similarities in the engines), actuator for 33ER0 is very different. There are obvious differences in the cases as well.

    Last picture was with the gear pile half sorted. Street trans there to help identify what was there. Today I inventory, count teeth and compare it to the 96-99 parts list.

    Anything info wise would be appreciated.

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    I’ve got a complete 93 motor sitting in a box in the corner of my garage if that helps you
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    Thanks. Where in Ohio? That a keeper or are you looking to move it? Good chance I wind up in Columbus sometime in the next month or so. I have a bike there and NJ to retrieve.
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    I’m in Akron, and would sell it. Essentially sold two 93’s last year when I cleaned out my garage and somehow missed this box.
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