Getting into track days and possibly WERA racing

Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by William Schneider, May 7, 2021.

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    I'm new to this so don't know the politics, starting to pick up on it. Heard something about TDW started because of a falling out between partners in another organization years ago.

    Three orgs here in Ga, STT, TDW and N2, if you exclude one or two then your limiting yourself to a very small schedule to choose from.

    I'm just in this to have some fun while I still can. I'm in pretty poor health. I've been involved with adrenaline sports since a little kid, dirt bikes starting at 8, street bikes starting at 15yrs old. Surfing, skiing, snow boarding, wake boarding, skydive instructor for 10yrs with close to 3,000 skydives. Lots of injuries and broken bones. Caught Lyme disease about 6yrs ago and lost my eye sight and severe neurological disorder from it. Couldn't even drive a car for a year. I'm lucky to be here and probably can't go much faster than I am now. I'm in renal failure now among other things so probably not much time to do this stuff. I'm surfing again, riding motorcycles again. One of my bucket list items going back 30yrs has been to ride on a track. Have a friend that has a SV and RC who will let me ride in a race if I wanna try. Would be fun to try once or twice before I have to hang all this up for good.
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    well 2 out of 3 aint bad. :D That middle org you might as well cross it off from the "gaining anything meaningful as it pertains to riding" list in terms of knowledge base.
    You could fly to Southern California and ride with Racers Edge at Chuckwalla
    if you wanted real training & seat time.
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    It you’re willing to drive a little farther from ATL. You can also ride with PRE, Midwest TD’s, and TPM.
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    William thanks for starting this thread and sticking with it. It is great to see Someone's journey to racing. I needed this thread to get me motivated for the 2022 riding. In Ohio the weather is gray/wet and the bike I use the most is apart in the garage. After reading this thread, I am itching to ride now. Like many say, practice practice, practice.
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    TP who? They dissolved years ago?
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    The CR crashing story is something that'll always be funny, but just offering some perspective: It is relatively common to be working with a slow rider for a few laps and have a faster rider go past you. They look smooth and clean and you've ridden enough with the slower one for feedback, so you go to hunt down that faster rider. Except your front tire is cold as shit because you spent the last 10 minutes running a lap time 25 seconds slower...and you tuck the front. It happens. Also happens from CR's coaching Novice group and they go right out again in Advanced. Cold front, tuck it on the first lap.

    Knock on's never happened to me, but it's more than understandable on how it does happen.
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    Like @Wheel Bearing , I was under the impression that they went out of business when ACE and NJMP joined forces (before NJMP realized the owner of ACE wasn't such a great guy). Had no idea they were still doing track days at Pocono (although to be fair, it's telling that the video on their site is from T11 at NJMP).
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    It appears they shrank, a lot! Sad, but that’s how it goes in the TD world. So, grid up amd race!
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    Thanks for all the info everyone, been learning alot here in this thread and others.
    These orgs have their own forums too and so I've been on those reading.

    There's a Racers Edge sticker on the track bike I just bought. Didn't know who they were. I bought the bike from a guy in Vegas and I guess he rode with them. Think he had it advertised here on this forum so that's how I found it.

    I met a group of people from SC at Jennings who ride with PRE at CMP. I plan on hooking up with them and ride CMP this year with PRE.

    Paid for a membership with N2 so will be riding with them too, probably Roebling and Road Atlanta. I'm only an hour from Rd Atlanta.

    I just have the one track day at Jennings with TDW. They ran their track day very similar to STT. They didn’t require or sell memberships like STT and N2. Their prices are cheaper than STT and N2. Overall I didn't have any complaints from that one experience. I'm not locked into any one group, I would like to ride with as many different organizations as possible and on as many different tracks as possible is my feeling on this......and when I've run thru them all in the US then start riding all the famous tracks I see in Motogp and WSBK around the world....that would be my
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    Did any you guys meet the guy camping at Jennings for 2 months who competes in the Canadian SBK championship? Nice guy, I got alot of technical info and pointers from him since he rides a BMW S1000RR too. He was there on my last 2 track days so I got to chat him up alot. He even offered for me to ride with him to give me some advice.
    He was gonna pack up and drive to Cali to do track days and complete in some local race series until Canada warmed back up.
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    That is wonderful to hear! I'm glad my thread could help more than just myself.

    In regards to the passing, those track days are track days, not races. From what I understand, when the organizer says that, they mean that. I respect their their safe passing guidelines. This is one of the reasons I would like to start racing. I enjoy passing people but try to be cautious with that feeling at a track day. Also remember that I work with 1/3 the HP on my SV than you do. That doesn't mean I can't pass people, but it can be more difficult. If it's just one person, I usually try to pass for about a lap but hot pit if I'm not getting anywhere with it.

    I also met Pierre from Canada. He was pitted next to me at Jennings. Really nice guy; I totally agree with you.
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    Do some research on the owner of tdw, john cook, he is a total ass and had a law suit against WERA and Trevor from STT. F JC and TDW
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    Yes, that was at Grattan. Nowhere else I know of on the east side of the country did bikes until Talladega was built and they did their own days.
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    Typically you aren't. Good orgs try to catch these individuals and place them in the correct group because having an advanced rider in novice group causes issues for all. Good orgs also say "sorry not sorry" when someone waits too long to sign up and tries to get in under novice all because they cant properly plan like a normal adult.
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    N2 doesnt require membership to ride. You just wont get any membership benefits.
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    if the group is sold out Ive seen a couple orgs make the riders beat feet home with no refunds. I would hate to be in a 50 person group out on track...
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    I tried to ride with N2 last year.....Since i never rode with them before, they were starting me out in novice. I plead my case. Told them the superstar that i used to be, laptimes at the tracks, etc....After talking to 2 or 3 N2 people, they finally said i could start in IM.

    I understand the reasoning, but would be sketchy af out there with IM's...j/s.
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    They automatically put you in A if you have an expert race license.

    But yeah, from what I've seen, they're typically a little tougher on bumps. Never bothered me, but I also started with them from the beginning as well.

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