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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by Can-am, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. Can-am

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    A long time ago I started building a Hejira road racer with their 3rd generation frame which was designed to accommodate several different engines. I planned to use a Banshee engine so I started gathering parts. I eventually delivered three motors to Mark Storey to build the best one he could out of the parts and save any good parts left over. As luck would have it Mark found me a RD350LC engine shortly after he finished my Banshee motor. This was more period correct, so I commissioned another rebuild. The Banshee motor was now backup.
    In 2019 the finished Hejira ran in the Inaugural Concourse de Competition and at the completion of the event was donated to Barber Museum as their first of the marque. The Banshee motor and its extra parts languished under the bench without a purpose.
    I will be at Road Atlanta on September 11 and can bring it along. Do you have a project that could use it?
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  2. zx250r

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    Still have it by any chance
  3. Can-am

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    Sorry. I delivered the engine and all other parts to a buyer at the Vintage Festival at Barber last October.

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